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Hookers and Prostitutes (Part 2,871)

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    Hookers and Prostitutes (Part 2,871)

    When are we moving onto the other more pressing (and more interesting topics) such as Pakistani Trucks are more Macho looking than Indian Trucks; Pakistan produces more Basmati rice than Indian Punjab; Pakistan makes better paper clips; India makes better Detergent; and so on. Give Hookers a break. No matter what Religion or faith they belong to, they are a million times more courageous to face the society than most of you ever will be. Feeding one’s family by selling one’s body is a lot more honorable than stealing or cheating.

    NYA yar you forgot one more thing,

    #$%[email protected]@^&^^@^*^&%@&(*&$

    Whores In Lahore are better looking than Whores in Karachi.

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      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Thank you..



          If you have something serious to contribute to this discussion, then please do so....otherwise, we could all do without petty and useless material like the comment above.


          Interesting subject. Well done on the intro. What do you think about the desi saying: "Jaan ka sadqa maal or izzat ka sadqa jaan"?
          I ask this because to me it denotes that to die with honour (i.e. without selling your body) is better than to die without respect.

          I guess the next step would be to discuss whether or not it is honourable to sell your body.......


            Dear Muzna,

            What is so “dishonorable” in selling body for sex? It is not like one is selling one’s soul. Well, in some cases, if they don’t sell their body, they die with hunger, so do their kids, and the rest of everyone who they are responsible for feeding. So there goes the concept of respect and honor. Is it honorable to see one’s infant child die of malnutrition or selling sex to buy milk.

            Johny Jigger. ^$$#@**@^^%$#@@(*^$#
            I agree with you that Lahore hookers are prettier than Karachi ones. I think it is in the Aab-o-Hawa.

            Fraud Yar, Paris? Oh yes my man.

            This post was about discussion of issues other than whores. I am guilty of doing exaclty what I wanted others not to do. No more hooker discussion in this thread.

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              See...that's exactly what I wanted to bring to interpretation only works if I have nobody but myself to worry about.

              When children come into the would do what one would have to do, including selling one's body.

              But's another it more courageous to sell your body or to die and let die with honour?

              Muzna playing DA


                NYA, selling one's body for feeding themselves or anyone else is not honorable in any way. Far more courageous is dying with Honor. Keeping one's faith up and guarding it, always staying by your values and morals in times of ups and downs is the way to be. Anyhow, I think that this debate needs to come to a halt now.


                  Johnny and Ahmadi saab....i am going to ask Azkar to open a new forum where u guys cud discuss different body parts of women and whores....

                  in the meantime i am requesting u guys not to discuss such stuff here....just control urself for a while.....

                  Thanx in Advance






                      [email protected]


                      [email protected]*%1


                        Naiko and others. I am not starting another debate here. We were just joking about something which is in discussion everwhere with much dirtier language. They are calling each others mothers and sisters with names. Atleast we did not do that, I did not take the issue seriuosly. For me, everbody had enough problems that we don't want to make this life more miserable. I did not use any dirty word or did not call anybody by names. If I still hurt anyboy's feeling, I apologize for that. Rest is history........

                        Take care


                          Dehatan ji!! u r welcome
                          thanx for the card..i'll write to u tonite

                          Ahmadi saab....thanx for understandingu r soooo sweet;-)

                          Johnyy....right u r ...ppl r doing or writing worst stuff here....but u can not justify ur wrong wid their wrong....i just didn't find that stuff appropriate to discuss here in this forum...and remember manto was being dragged in court for just using those words in his storyCheers


                            I guess I haven't missed much...

                            Refer to post #1546 (Prostitution should be legalized in Pakistan) for my thoughts...



                              Naik bakhat kuRi, waise I did not know that chhaatee is a bad word...
                              we use this word all the
                              someone commented on me yesterday that, iss ghabroo di chhaatee ikk gazz chauRi ay.
                              Ami was complaining this morning, meri chhaatee ch peeRh ho rai ay kall di.
                              NYAhmadi bahut hankareya ay, kivein chhaatee chauRi karke turda ay!
                              banday da kamm ay har zulam da taakra chhaatee taan ke karna.
                              etc etc.

                              Chann"Ikk gazz chauRi chhaatee wala"Mahi