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That cute little girl

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    That cute little girl

    Today, I went to our regulare Wednesday Cricket practise to a nearby play ground. While I was crossing the parking lot to go to the field with my teammates, I saw a 6-7 years old girl, apparently damp and wrapped in towel, with her grandfather and a little older brother.

    Apparently, the grandfather had forgot his keys in the car and they couldn't drive back home. While we were walking towards them, I saw a man offering them to make a phone call on his cell phone for help, which they accepted.

    As we approached them, I looked at her face. It was kinda windy and chilly today and she was shivering with cold. Her hair were damp and her cheeks looked scruffy under the sun. I couldn't resist and asked her if she needed another towel (I always keep a clean towel in my gym bag, and I always not use it). She looked at me with her hazel green eyes and quite innocently, gave me an abrupt, pleading nod. The brother, feeling a little unsure of accepting a towel from a stranger (with a strange accent ) intervened and said that I didn't have to give the towel if I didn't want to. I found that to be an interesting, trying-to-play-big-brother-but-hesitant remark. That was cute of him. Smart kids. I told him it was ok and I don't mind it, and opened my bag and gave them my towel.

    The brother wrapped it around her and said to her 'what do you say?'. She looked at me again, looking a bit more comfortable now and said a cute little 'Thank you'. The grandfather thanked me and asked where they should leave the towel when their family comes to pick them. I told him that it was ok, they could keep it. I glanced at the little girl once more and walked away towards the pitch.

    uh... that cute little, damp and shivering girl.

    Life is so interesting when these little accidents happen to you.

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    & after that you score a sixer!!!!yipeeeeeeeee!

    Live From- Dayara-e-Ghair


      cute story roman!

      little things, i guess, do make a difference in the Big Picture. It's the small exquisite, elegant paint brush strokes like those which gives an overall understanding of the portrait.

      er,.. yeah.., that's it.


        gosh kohal, you are so predictable, I knew that's exactly what you were gonna say.


          Roman Yara, kids are cute, arent they? I dont know at what age thing go wrong and what happens when they grow up. We should never grow up. It should be against the law.


            You are absolutely right, yara. Sometimes I like to watch kids palying or doing different things from a distance. They look so natural and innocent and simple.

            However, if I were to interact with one, I won't have any idea what to say. I suck big time when it comes to talking to kids.



              ◦◦◦ ЯQξξ ﺐﻳﻗﺭ ◦◦◦

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                oh gosh raqeeb, that is one cooool signature you got there! wa anta yukatabu fill lugatal-arabiaa <~~~~ "and you wrote it in arabic language" <<said in arabic>>

                khair, roman, so maybe i am predictalbe..
                just a little bit though. taddd bit.

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                  well recalling the days of bachpan and while talking about kids reminds of a famous ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh which is something like this:

                  "yeh shuhrat bhi ley lo,
                  yeh daulat bhi ley lo,
                  bhalay cheen lo mujh sey meri jawaani,
                  magar mujh ko lauta do
                  bhachpan ka saawan,
                  woh kaghaz ki kashti,
                  woh baarsih ka paani"


                    GFQ's Cousin typing here

                    In response to your post here... makes me think Roman... Whatchya doing? Showing off, getting attention... Jee whiz! I thot u were a celebrity already, then why this iky, gooey topic?

                    After a'while crocodile...
                    Gfq's Cousin aka... the well known one


                      Please check back here for my updated 'wannabe' stories.. I intend to post one on a little boy next week.

                      I haven't said that 'prophet' word yet, right?

                      wannabe follower?


                        Wannabee Roman, Wannabee man, wannabee duck, wannabee waxed<<---couldn't resist, wannabee follower....'WE' are looking forward to your stories...

                        GFQ and GFQ's coz'n