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    Interesting Hobbies ?

    Asslaaam-u-alaikum To All,

    I don't know if this thread is in the right forum but here goes anyway. I'm sure many of you have some interesting hobbies /interests and was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences. And what better way to kick of this topic than to talk about my hobbies.

    Basically out of all the interest I have, the main two are Astronomy and SCUBA diving. With the SCUBA diving, I have been doing my training since August of last year and Im about 1 month away from being qualified. I decided to go through the BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) route rather than the PADI. Although I have only been diving around British waters, The reason I initially took up diving was to dive in the warm tropics. Are there any of you out there who also SCUBA dive ?. My reason for asking is that I have not (Yet !) met any Asian Divers. I'm not saying there aren't any at all, just that there aren't any Asian divers around here !.

    As for Astronomy, Well I have been interested in that since my School days. And not just in looking up at the Sky and saying 'WOW'!. I try to keep abreast of any new developments as regards space reasearch, the international space station and NASA's attempts to unravel the mysteries of Mars. Once again, I haven't met many Asians who are into Astronomy !. Anyway hope I havent bored you too much !. If you do have an interest in any of the above, please reply, I would be very interested in your experiences/thoughts etc. If you have different hobbies/interests, Please tell me about them, it would be a great way to get to know people on this forum and as you can se from the number of posts I have made, I'm still quite new to GupShup.


    walaikum us salaam Naz,

    wow, your hobbies are so interesting that now I FEEL
    like a loser mentioning my hobbies

    well, here goes nothing. here are my interesting
    i like coming up with mehndi designs. initially i suxed
    at doing them <<i think i still do..>>, but then i
    regained my artistic interest a few yrs back.
    hm, i first draw the pattern with a pencil/charcoal pencil
    on paper; i treat my drawing utensils as if they're mehndi cones
    or something. if i like the design, & if i have a
    guinea pig for it <<hehehe>> then, i'll apply the mehndi
    design on HIM/her.

    another interesting hobby i have is
    designing/re-furnishing rooms up. i just LOVE changing
    things for the better & decorating the room up with
    ornaments, wall hangings, paintings, toys,
    you name it -- & i'll include it as creatively as possible
    <<tht is if i have any creativity at all>>

    pretty interesting stuff huh? i know, i know,
    it's tooo simple.

    as for astronomy......i think, naz, there are a lot of
    desis who dazzled by whta's up there. i know i am.
    hm, i know my local univ. has a stupendous astronomical
    club which my algebra-geom. teacher keeps pushing us to go
    & soon enough, i know i will.


      No SCUBA diving for me. I am scared of everything that has to do anything with open waters just like closed waters (swimming pools).
      I enjoy Fencing and archery, but now thinking of taking a plunge for shooting as well. My craving for such war-oriented activities are due to the nature of my job
      Some times go for riding as well, who knows I may need to runaway from a battlefield someday. Astronomy…..I have interest in it as well but no faith.




          Thanx for those replies,
          Kohal, Have you every thought about moving on to say.. drawing ?. If you can come up with complex mehndi designs then I'm sure drawing something in pencil won't be too difficult for you. And what better than to decorate a room with a drawing/painting that you did yourself ?. I work with a guy who does drawings (still life, human facees etc.) and some of his stuff is really cool. In fact I was so impressed that I tried it myself !..unfortunatly I sucked big time !...I'll stick to doodeling on bits of scrap paper !.As for the astronomy club, go for it !. honest, once you have gazed at the night sky through a good telescope, you will be hooked on the stuff.

          Durr-e-Shahwar.. Archery,fencing and now shooting !..yaar I'm sure that takes some skill, I've seen programs where archers can put an arrow through like a beetle at 1000 yards ! (OK so it was a big beetle !), anyway, you mentiond that your interests in war-orientated activeties was due to the nature of your job...just out of interest...what exactly do you do ?....or shouldn't I ask ?.

          thanks again to both of you for your replies.



            Kohal ka hathoon ki Mehindi wah bhai wah!



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                I am into pottery and I wheel pitchers and vessel. I try to copy old Roman and Greek pottery.

                I learnt how to wheel from our village Kum’har (potter) when I was 8 years old and ever since loved pottery. I am not very good at drawing designs. I get that part done by others.

                ----- may be Kohal can put a few of her designs in the Gallery?? I will try to scan some of my work there also.


                  nai baba...


                    My hobbies are !!!EveryThing and AnyThing times 10!!!


                    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***©


                      Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
                      ...I try to copy old Roman and Greek pottery.
                      Ahmadi yaar you know that it's copyright material don't you? I don't remeber your asking my written permission on that.