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4 Azkar ji or Admin!!!!

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    4 Azkar ji or Admin!!!!

    Azkar ji or anyone from Admin,


    Will you kindly take a look at the thread titled,

    "How Big Bull was born"
    in Kashmir Affairs!!!!!!!

    Starting an entire thread based on INSULTING a MOTHER!!!!, even if it happens to be just a provocating post, is EXTREMELY Offensive!!!!

    Could I Please Request you to Close this thread.


    Dehatan, why didn't you suggest banning Big-Bull at the first place who caused all this fuss.. or maybe you got your own hidden agendas alligned with Indians, who save no energy in degrading Islam and defaming the Jehad in Kashmir.

    I reccomend that you should go back and read all the earlier inflammatory posts by Big-Bull against all Pakistanis. If you already have, and find them acceptable then your protest doesn't hold any weight. It just labels you as a hypocrite and a biased individual.


      So let me get this straight outlaw. If a member suggests closing a thread because he/she finds it offensive, but does not go as far as suggesting banning the originator altogether, implies that the objecting member has a hidden agenda, is a hypocrite and a biased individual?

      Does this also imply that in future when members object on some offensive thread, they should not only request to close it but demand to ban the member as well?

      Lastly but not leastly, what do you think could be the possible reasons that someone may not request to ban somebody besides that the member

      1- Is a hypocrite
      2- Is a biased individual
      3- Has a hidden agenda to align with Hindus???


        >>>>>>>>>who save no energy in degrading Islam and defaming the Jehad in Kashmir.

        and what he is doing in that thread???
        aggrading Islam and Jihad in kashmir???


          Excellent Roman!!!
          TusaN tay Jee khush ker detta, Pra!

          BTW, outlaw while making remarks like 'hypocrite and a biased individual', over a very simple request, gives the same impression about you.
          Am I wrong?????????



            I agree with Outlaw, have you guys seen Big Bulls other threads. Don't tell me that you don't find it offensive. If you want to delete the thread Dehatan is talking about, you should delete all of Big Bulls thread.


              I couldn't find this thread so I assume it has already been deleted. I find this sort of annoying.


                Roman, I got pissed off because many shizopherinic Indians are off-the-leash on this forum. They are allowed to post false propagations , illegitimate cut-and-pastes with no solid backing, and comments stemming from their own personal grudge against Pakistan. This kind of attitude leads to retaliatory behaviour rather than indulging in healthy debates.

                Sadly, on many occassions 'Official Pakistani Page' is used as a medium of spreading fallacious information against Pakistan and it's citizens. In authenticity, it should be a source of viable and comprehensive facts about Pakistan and information leading to its interests. A forum which places Pakistan's integrity and its values above all other segments. But, seldom is the case when impious material is banned from the TOPP.

                I might have sounded offensive, however I wanted to bring the root cause of these recriminative posts. We wouldn't be arguing here if morons like Big-bull and others are placed under tighter scrutiny. Threads ,like the one author mentioned in his/her post, are the result of allowing Anti-Pakistani agents to thrive and post whatever fulfill their animositas needs.

                Roman, I can only speak for myself. And I think it was neccassary to point out the flip side of the coin. I don't ally myself with those who seek destruction of Pakistan. To be honest, if I come across anyone of these agnostic figures in a state of war, I wouldn't think twice before putting a 9 mm slug in their empty heads. That's how I feel ...and ..that's in my blood.


                  outlaw, that got nothing to do with your judgmental presumptions. Just because you got pissed off on somebody does not mean that you have the right to be offensively judgemental about others.

                  You don't like what's being posted then you talk directly to the mod or the admin.

                  That's the whole point.


                    ok guys can b cool down and think forward. To adm. please do remove offensive post and ban that guy whoever he or she from.


                      My rule...IF you gona insult someone...keep it short...keep it simple...keep it as painfull as it can be.


                      Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


                        My rule...IF you gona insult someone...keep it short...keep it simple...keep it as painfull as it can be.
                        Jaawan boy, that's a classic


                          jawaan, moron.

                          outlaw, meri jaan no need to ban these guys. they only remind us... of the importance of the two nation theory.


                            If only those individuals that post material that is badly termed "inflammatory" (cuz it should plainly be referred to as "flame bait") could be ignored.....

                            And if only those that respond to such material would refrain from doing so....

                            Nobody would need to be banned. Ahhh....a self-regulatory system.....

                            Finally......if only everyone could just step out of their own skulls and look from the outside in.....