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The cereal endurance

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    The cereal endurance

    This morning I woke up and found out the I was out of my cereal. I use Post's Great Grains with Dates, Raisins, and Pecan.

    I drove down to the nearby mini-supermarket to get me some. They were out of it.

    It has happened before. Twice they were out of my brand soap, coffee creamer, and toothpaste. I endured it, and I lived with it. But see, you don't &^%$ with a man's cereal. You simply just don't do it.

    I don't know about women, but we FOB men come a long way when it comes to breakfast. When we come here, we leave behind lagacies of Halwa Puri, Paayay, Parathay, and so forth... Life is not easy on us, believe me.

    We come here and search for that 'soul food' to consume in the morning. We strife for years to find that one food that we can survive on. It took me 2 years to experiment on all the available brands in the market to find the one cereal that sorta does it for me. And one morning I wake up and find out that I'm out of my customery breakfast and you tell me that you don't have it in the stock???

    That calls for quits. From now on, I would rather go 10 miles away to that stupid huge supermarket where I would have to stand 15 minutes on an express line just to get my cereal than going back to these weenies who call themselves Tait's supermarket.

    You don't &^%$ with a man's cereal. period.

    Rom yara, look for solutions rather than getting annoyed at the situation. I don’t have a problem of running out of cereal anymore. We have Cherios and Fruit Loops, both work for me. I used to make breakie for my boys in the morning before dropping them off to school. Now they are old enough to breakfast me. I like that. Mommy starts work very early, she is at her office and we are still in bed.

    So you should consider marrying. Man, you will be so tired in the morning that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a cereal box and Tide.


      Hubb-e-kabad noshadaree


      Jamaal ghota


        Roman ji you go and lay down some where in Europe and dont think about indus valley...

        [This message has been edited by MiniMe (edited May 25, 2000).]
        بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
        بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں


          Roman go to Costco and stock up and forget the mini marts.


            Roman bro,
            You do like my wifey;
            she has reserves (in bottles ) for everything.
            But this is the same advise as NYA gave you :
            GET MARRIED, it will solve several problems.


              I fully understand your need for a particular breakfast.. I LOVE the cereal french toast crunch. It's sooo good.. I can go through a box in just five days, and have no problem eating it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

              Lately, my Mom decided I shouldn't be consuming so many milk products, as I haven't been feeling very well, and she thinks I may be allergic.. so she's cut me off.. no more french toast crunch. So, maybe, if the store is out of your cereal, you may want to try mine.. atleast someone will get to eat it.


                Roman, don't you get tired eating the same cereal every morning? I eat the one your mentioned (but almond instead of date), but also Quaker Toasted Oatmeal, Cinnamon Life, Honey Bunches of Oats, and some other crunchy kind with a squirrel on the front. But my ability to vary my choice is partially determined by the presence/absence of coupons and sales. Then I really stock up. I can spend a lot of money if I feel like I'm saving.

                NYA, why all these loops? Are loops a prerequisite? Would you buy any cereal shaped like a loop?



                  Don't you see this opens up all sorts of vistas...
                  - English breakfasts - tea with eggs and toast
                  - Continental breakfsts - cappucino and croissants
                  - desi breakfasts- found a lady close by who makes chapatis and parathas, I buy in packets of 10's and refrigerate or freeze. Also halwa. Easy to store in individual portions microwave.
                  - Japanese breakfast. sushi and salad
                  - Australian breakfast - steak

                  or no breakfast at all. Good for the figure.

                  My mouth is watering!!!! Invite me over?


                    Ahmadi yaar, I don't know the difference between Tide and cereal box even now (except when it tastes different - that's my wake up call).

                    Te Amo,
                    I couldn't find the expression 'Jamaal ghota' in your dictionary.. could it be 'Jamaalio ghotay jay' that you are mentioning?

                    MiniMe ji, but I can still talk about Bhola's parathay though, right?

                    Amber, if only my morning intuitions could comprehend that simple philosophy of inventory management! This time I am starting off with two boxes though, and it already feels weird. Too practical for me.

                    pathwari yaar, I do the same... I have my coffee containers filled up with variety of 'daals'. Now I face the tough task of labelling them... and I've been postponing it for past two months. Do you think marriage can solve this, one of 'several problems' as well? I think not. An insider note is that majority of the women I have met so far are looking for a husband who would cook. Man, I'm stuck with it!

                    Nusaiybah, I will take your advice without giving it a rational thought... reason being the material fact that by now I'm hooked on Thai food. I recently had a chance to go this Thai resturaunt, while I was out of town, and try their veg fried rice with chicken curry (spices included ). During my stay there, I went to the same place 95% of the time thereafter... the rest 5% I don't remember, and I don't care.


                    >> I eat the one your mentioned (but almond instead of date)

                    See how you are doing it so wrong? Not only that you are not eating one with the date (date being that dried fruit here), you are also eating with almond. There is a reason you are not hooked to it yet.

                    It's not that I don't eat anything else at all. Like an average human being, I do go through different 'sporadic breakfast cycles' which include Omellete, Fried eggs, those Eggo things, Simple Air with Coffee, Donuts, and so forth... but I always come back to my cereal. It's like my staple breakfast, you know.

                    I make excellent veg Omellete (I think), you are more than welcome to join me anytime. I also have great passion for English muffin with Earl grey tea or Croissants with coffee. Sushi and Steak are kinda out of my league... and I'm not lucky enough to have desi lady living closeby so good for you.