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Wendy Massacre

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    Wendy Massacre

    Just my tribute to the folks who died in the of the cowards. (Not the very best of words, but hey...)

    I know the area where this occured. Flushing, Queens. Main Street and Roosevelt Ave. Kissena Blvd. is not too far where Queens College lies off from LIE. Van Wyck Exwy and Northern Blvd. are behind the "street."

    There's an old chinese variety store at the corner where I have shopped since god knows when. There's Paki. cigarette and Newstand at the corner of Roosevelt and Main st. There's Stern's there along with Wiz.

    I know the streets and the shops where this occured. These streets are the hub for immigrants. They live there, work there and shop there. These immigrants rely on each other, regardless of nationalities, to sustain each other's businesses. Most working at these shops are immigrants who work hard to make ends meet. They work hard to ensure that their suffering, sweat, cuts, bruises and minimum wage will ensure a better future for their next generation.

    What do they all have in coommon? They not only want to survive, but also gain their share of the American dream, like so many have before them. For five of these folks, that dream is gone. For the members of these five folks, that dreamed has demanded an ultimate price, which could never be recovered.

    p.s. I still want to move back to NY. Its where my heart is and will always be. I Love NY!

    Indeed it's a very sad incident. I personally don't like NYC... too fast and diverse for me but I know that not everybody has the choice to live or not to live in it.

    The people who died must have been working on minimal wages, working hard around the schedule and in the end, what did they get?

    It's the most criminal and cold act to dispose five lives over few bucks. Really terrible and shocking.