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Annan favours permanent Security Council berth for India

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    Annan favours permanent Security Council berth for India

    Annan favours permanent Security Council berth for India

    United Nation Secretary General Kofi Annan has favoured India`s candidature for a permanent seat in the Security Council.

    In an interview to Doordarshan `Worldview India` programme, Annan said that one of the proposals to reform the Council was to have five new members, two from the industrialised countries and three from the developing world.

    “When it comes to the Indian seat, even though the decision will have to be taken by the members, I think there is a sense among a large number of UN members that India will be natural for a consideration of such a seat,” Annan said.

    Annan agreed that the UN Security Council reflected the geo-political realities of 1945 and that it needed to be reformed to give it greater representation and greater legitimacy, a release from Worldview India said.

    “There are those who are worried that if you expand the security council and make it too large, it will not be effective. I believe that it is not beyond human ingenuity and creativity to reform the council in a manner that it will be small enough to be effective but large enough to be seen as more representative and therefore with greater legitimacy,” He said.

    He also praised Indian peacekeeping forces around the world and said that India has produced some of the best peacekeepers we have had.


    India's foreign policy has won yet another feather in its cap after the above statement by non other than the secretary general of UN.

    Report : Zeenext Bureau

    India is home to 1/6th of humanity..
    In my opinion there should be no reason for it not to be partof teh council.
    If Americans can be part of it despite their endeavours in Vietnam and Korea, if russia can be part of it , even after what it did in Afghanistan, and still doing in Chechenya, If china can be part of it despite human rights violations in tibet( I am giving examples of behaviours where bending principles for own sake was done)then why should'nt india be part of it.

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