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Err..I've got a confession to make...

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    Err..I've got a confession to make...

    ..hmm ( gala saaf kar looN)...I don't know how EXACTLY to put this but...given my reputation on this Forum...etc .etc. ..errm...well...baat yeh hai ke...Oh okay let me blurt it out:

    I am a proud Pakistani but recently I've been dreaming of India quite regularly...I find myself with friends/unknown people in the streets of Delhi, Bombay...and in my dream I feel so I'm at home (just like I feel when I dream of being in Pakistan)...
    I dreamt once that I went for a day trip to India (Bombay!) and then I came back to Pakistan! In some strange way I still think of India as my home and not separate from Pakistan, as if the Muslims were still on the takht in Delhi...strange I know... Yeh kya hai? Too much reading of Umrao Jaan? Watching too many period films? Fantasy...

    Yaar, I sometimes think., if we just can solve the Kashmir problem, and more importantly stop the killing of the people of Kashmir, why can't we live together happily? We in our Islamic State and they however they want?

    Mujhe kya ho raha hai...HELP!!!

    (btw, moderator ji--i hope this is in the right forum)


    Bhaiya, India is a lovely place.
    You can feel at home there.
    Geographically we are part of the whole sub-continent. Last time I went there I was talking with an Indian who upon finding out I was Pakistani asked me, what are the common people like? do they really hate us as the papers say? are they really all fanatic muslims who want to butcher all kafirs? I told him they are mostly ordinary and good human beings just like most Indians.
    It's worth a visit. And see if you can get your Indian friends to visit too.


      Dear Asif, Namaste! I admire your candor. Dreams are about our own insecurities. Those who so loudly trash India and Hindus in essence want to become like them. There are some folks in Politics and Religion, who will be dreaming like you. I hate Naked Super Models. I hate Cindy Crawford a lot.

      Ram Ram


        dude, dump that indian chick asap.

        thali kai bengan ahmadi... not everyone suffers from an inferiority complex like u do.


          Mundyaa, it appears that you dream about me alot? Man, it is not even Friday and you have started your diarrhea already. Easy my man.




            you the same guy?!?

            i've heard a lot that marriage helps many people think straight, never believed that much, but now i guess i got no choice. my congratz to bhabhiji.

            Simple ain't easy.


              Actually, yes, I AM the same guy...I think queer it has less to do with marriage than a better understanding of Islam insha Allah (my religious views vis-a-vis wahaabis, qadianis etc. have not changed at all) BUT I read a book about Pakistan and India's social deprivation and the millions of people who live below the poverty line and I thought, heck, why are we spending so much money on developing weapons of mass destruction when lots of our own countrymen/women cannot even get saaf paani to drink...?

              I am still very much against the torture and killing of kashmiri muslims by indian army as i was before--but i don't think that war is the answer anymore. IF the hindus (and let's be honest the people who make the decisions in indian politics esp. with the BJP in power ARE 99.99% hindus right) could JUST GUARANTEE
              that they will STOP immediately killing and raping Muslims of Kashmir then I think Pakistan should let them have Kashmir. For me, and this is my personal view, the safety of Muslim Kashmiri lifes is more important than whether it becomes a part of india or pakistan..I thought, heck i'm sitting here in my cushy life in the UK and my Muslims brethren are being killed for what? A nuclear war, i've realised is NOT winnable...I even am questioning if in Islam it is allowed to use nukes...(esp., I thought, if Pakistan khudaa-na-khaasta nuked india--how many millions of Muslims would die?!! (not to mention the millions of non-muslims)

              I think the sooner Kashmir is settled the better for Kashmiris...and the better for the common men of Indo-Pakistan too...

              Our leaders care only for themselves..this is what i have concluded...


                Asif Jan, Fakhr-e-Hindustan, we didnít expect to you to be that extreme and revolutionary all at once. First anticipation was an admittance from you that India is as nice a place as any. The next step for you is to admit that all faiths are equally good (or bad) and finally that you live in a cave and eat garbage supplied to you by your Ulama-e-Ikram. Mashaalla, you are making a progress.

                My Hanoman, donít let folks like Mundyaa stop your evolution!

                Ram Ram