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PIA and travel to Pakistan

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    PIA and travel to Pakistan

    There have been similar threads here of PIA and horror stories in the past. Well I personally have never had a problem with PIA after 2 trips leaving here from Toronto - JFK - Shannon- Lahore. But after my brother-in-laws horror story last month, I don't think I want to travel via PIA!

    I just wanted get some ideas from anyone here when you travel to Pakistan, which airline do you take? from where? I guess the biggest reason people take PIA is that it goes direct without having the hassle to change planes or to book luggage again, and ofcourse, it is most economical. But I feel now it isn't worth the crap he had to go through, I mean we do have family and responsibilites here, we want to get back on our confirmed date!!!!!!!!!The rishwat, the waiting, the delays, etc... long story. I'm looking into good and reliable alternatives for our trip we are planning, any suggestions?


    You missed the interesting part.....
    where is the story.....??????



      the dorks in PIA are hell bent on shooting their own foot, the PIA management is everything but management.

      Use any carrier other than PIA if u want peace of mind. For low fares & yet reasonable service, look for Gulf/Emirates. For excellent service, timing etc, go for KLM, Lufthansa, Singapore, though not sure if KLM is still flying off to Karachi, but like i said pretty much anything except PIA. Let those suckers go bankrupt, thats the only way to bring them to the terms.


        Take Aeroflot from JFK to Moscow, from there take Syrian Air to Damascus, and then Egyptair to Cairo, take El-Al to Ben Gurian for a visit to the Holy Sites. Go back to Cairo, take Saudia to Jeddah, go do an Umra, buy some Boski and a few Tasbihs and a couple of Jai-Nimaz with compass, and fly out of Jeddah on Saudia SA712 to Karachi. Take local planes for wherever you are going domestically.

        Are Pakistanis that spoiled that they can’t sustain a little discomfort (which I don’t believe there is) only for a measly 15 hours. What have we become?



          discomfort isn't the only feature included in the package deal when u buy a PIA ticket.
          There are lot of surprises as well to entertain the hardluck passengers all along.
          Then there's the husn -e ekhlaq of both PIA ground staff & cabin crew who act like they are doing an ehsan on u. They all need a kick in the head..... load them all in a old rusty PIA jumbo, and drop them down from 30000 ft over Arabian Sea.


            Ahmadi - I can take discomfort, no problem. I mean even if they didn't give a single meal during the trip I wouldnt complain, even if the flight is delayed a day or 2, it happens. But atleast DONT SELL OUR DAMN CONFIRMED SEAT!!!!! and thats exactly what they did! Probably someone needed a seat urgently so they gave them rishwat to knock off someone on the list. You know how they do crap there. He bought a ticket which was CONFIRMED both ways. He must have asked them a million times if it was confirmed before he bought it. !When he went to the PIA office in lahore to re-confirm, they told him
            he was on the waiting list! and the next flights for the next 5 weeks were booked solid! (Hajj season) what the hell is that? Is this the firt year of Hajj or something? He has a family here and job commitments as well, you cant exactly take 5 extra weeks off of work because of you took PIA!. Anyways, he ended up going through hell, nobody listened to him there, after countless calls to PIA here, I gave them many threats to report it to transport canada and to sue for any losses he was going to suffer. I also told them I would CC the letter to Revenue Canada also while I was at it, that scared them a bit and they finally took some action. Even after all this, he went through hell and a high fee to get a seat leaving from Karachi a week later. He ruined his entire 1 month trip spending it at the crap PIA office and just worrying about coming back home to his family and job commitments, it was hell, Not to mention the time I spent here hounding PIA and the worry my sister here went through also. This is more than measly discomfort! Your moscow route you stated sounds more comfortable, thanks!


              Strong Yar, I feel sorry for your brother-in-law and instances like these are not uncommon. The problem is systemic and not just endemic to PIA. Your brotherinlaw’s experience with PIA is nothing compared to someone trying to get a phone line installed in Lahore, or getting a Faulty electric meter to be looked at.

              I admire the way you handled this. You were pro-active in pursuing all options. Now imagine how many (my guess will be 99%) people who do not have those kind of resources who rely upon services in Pakistan. If all of us started abandoning our institutions rather than fixing the problems, soon we will be left without anything. How about if we hand over our Defense to USA, since our Army has failed us many times? How about if we all convert to Hinduism since there are so many Sunni Shia riots in Pakistan. How about… How about…

              So what I meant to say was that looking for solutions should be our main priority. The only thing Ugly about PIA is its stewardesses. Damn ugly man.


                When a similar thread about PIA ws going a while back, I know Muzna sent a letter to PIA management inviting them to reply to some of the complains. I guess they never returned her offer..

                Anyways, as mentioned above, the only reason I like to fly with PIA is because it saves me time (if they don;t delay). Otherwise, spending a little more $$ is worth the comfort, not to mentioned the respect, you'll be afforded at the karachi airport.

                Lufthansa doesn;t goto Pakistan anymore. Period! Last I heard, British Airways, which only went to Islamabad, was pulling out of Pakistan. Dunno about KLM, but if they're still flying to Pakiland, I am pretty sure they're weighing their options of pulling out also.


                  KLM just recently stopped their Karachi connection.
                  Just came back from Pakistan with Gulf Airlines ; very good service. The only bad part is that i had to wait a few hours in Abu Dhabi.

                  Why don't we set up our own GupShup Airlines We have a few very good people amongst us with good skills.

                  Any volunteers?


                    We take British Airways from Heathrow to Pakistan, sometimes its not direct, but it gives me peace of mind cos the service is way better. Plus, you don't get the older Pakistanis staring at you and talking behind your back!!

                    Hey, Who stoped the payments on my reality cheque?


                      We also travel by British Airways, or Gulf airlines, and believe the service is brilliant compared to that in PIA. Every person I know that has travelled on PIA has regretted travelling via PIA.



                        I travel by Camel.. I do not depend on anyone else for me safety and security...

                        lol hahahah .....

                        Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.



                          wasim saheb,

                          You mentioned that you are a travel agent....perhaps you could shed some more light on this than the comment you have posted above.

                          It would be wonderful to get some input from carriers. I tried once before to contact PIA on the net by to no avail. It appears that they are not very concerned with customer satisfaction.


                            I have always travelled by PIA but have never had any problems - I have heard a lot of bad cases but luckily never suffered in anyway - the way people are telling their stories above it seems that it must be coming down to my turn soon to suffer.


                              I have a story to share:

                              My husband was coming back from Karachi to the New York via PIA. The flight was delayed for 5 hours. Passengers were sitting in the plane and it didn't move. When many people began questioning, they found out that the same flight is going to carry domestic passengers as well as international ones due to some "technical" problems in their plane in Islamabad. A lot people started cursing and demanding their money back. In return to that the pilot annouced that he will take the plane to Islamabad first no matter what happens and anyone with a disagreement should leave the plane. well, as a result my husband came back 2 days later than the date he should have come back.
                              You people can probably imagine what I was going through. I was calling his aunt like crazy, and his family over there and here couldn't find out he had been for 2 days. PIA has no customer srvice, and their management was being extremely incooperative.