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    Saheley Bhooz Pehaley

    Rakhi They Aek See Dhurya
    Phir Kat key usko Kis Kerya
    Jub Kat Kay Usko Kerya tu Phir Ghirchum Ghirchum Kis Kerya

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      Johny Yara, this is very Mushkil Bhujarat!

      Here is a simple one for you:

      Aar pidaNgaN, par pidaNgaN
      Wich khudai Khoi
      Allah KoulooN rozi mangee
      Uchi kar kay Dhoi


        Yar Ny Teree tay meray kuloon we okhee aey. Mine is one of the famous one from Amir Khusroo.


          NYAhmadi...good one. kaafi aukhi lagdi ay....may be Nova bujj lave

          I like the sense you have used the word "dhoi" in. We Amritsari's use it in the same sense but as you go farther towards India, people of Ludhiana, Patiala etc, use it for back, piTh, kanD......

          So when my sass ji says "meri dhoi ujj bahut peeRh kardi ay" you can hear my laughter from a mile



            OK Guys, here is the answer:

            Aar pidaNgaN, par pidaNgaN Wich khudai Khoi
            (in the Gird of wood logs, is dug a well (Khoi)

            Allah KoulooN rozi mangee, Uchi kar kay Dhoi
            (God has granted me to make my living while my Butt is up in the air)

            Answer: Tandoor

            In traditional Tandoor, the Baker kneels butt upwards to place Rootis on the Walls of Tandoor for baking.

            Chann Yara, Saday Watan diaN DhoiaN di baat e koi hoor ay!

            Johny Jigger, Tarey Bhujarat da key Jawab ay? Das day yar! Ayda Tang na Kar!


              NYA I was reading it wrong, I thought you said DHOI, which is a big Spoon or Doi.

              Well Any way That's My Answer.

              SAW, Aari.

              Rakhi The Aek See Dharya
              You put a Straight Log

              Phir Kat Kay Us KO Kis Kerya
              Who cut it.

              Phir Kat Kay Us Ko Kera Tu Phir Ghirchum Girchum Kis Kerya
              When you cut a log with a SAW, it usually produce that Ghirchum Ghirchum sound when you go back and forth

              It's in old Urdu and I love old urdu.


                Bhai mia yeh kia horia hay