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Central Asia Institute.

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    Central Asia Institute.

    I have known this organization for a while. It's one of the largest American welfare organizations working in the neglected Karakorum regions of Pakistan.

    Greg Mortensan, founder of the Central Asia Institute and a renowned mountaineer has done
    more relief work than an ordinary Pakistani.
    Despite enduring bureaucratic and culturul hardships, Greg has made Pakistan his second home.

    This organisation has brought hope where there was none. By building schools, water filtration systems, job training for the porters, and health care facilities.

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    Thanks for sharing the information.
    If you have knowledge about any other organisation or international NGO carrying out development work in Pakistan please do let me know.



      Thanks for sharing the info. Iíve already sent an email to them, lekin have you or anyone else worked with any such NGO? What were your experiences? Etc etc.


        Dear Shahwar, I have no knowledge of any other NGO working in Pakistan at the moment. I came to know this organization through the 'Climbing' magazine.
        Greg went to climb K2 and then fell in love with the Balti people. I think there lies an oppertunity for all of us to do our part, whether it's volunteering while in Pakistan or financially. Greg has successfully laid the infrastructure for this NGO which is the most diificult task to achieve.

        Dear Sabah, I haven't worked with this NGO, personally. I am in a process of establishing contact with CAI to find out the exact needs at the moment and what can be done. Under any cicumstances, I'll volunteer in summer 01 to work with Greg in Pakistan and help anyway possible.

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          That is a very encouraging piece of news. Thanks for sharing the info with us Outlaw. Whenever, I go to Pakistan InshaAllah, I'll try my best to do anything I can to contribute to this organization and all others who work for the overall welfare of the people



            PMC, Regent Street, London.

            Provision of scholarships to Imperial College for pukhtooons from the Tribal Belt and Afghan Camps.

            If you are looking for a directory of personnel from the region who are part of the syndicate of sponsoring businesses, mail me.