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    Are You Earning Money??


    Guy are you earning money while surfing the net
    (Keep reading. It gets better.)

    Not a company pays you 50 cents (US) to surf on the internet. And thats not all, they also pay you when your friends surf the net. If I refer you to the program, I get 10 cents for every hour the you surf . If you refer somebody else to this program, I still get 5 cents for every hour that they surf (Of course you will get 10 cents for you friends surfing). And if he (i.e. your friend) refers somebody else, i still get 5 cents per hour (you also get 7.5 cents). And this chain can continue, i will get 7.5 cents per hour for every person in the chain. This money might look small to you but look at these calculation. Assume you make 5 referrals and each of those make 5 more referrals. and then those people make 5 more referrals

    <b>You Surf</b>
    25 hours per month @ 50 cents per hour.
    $ 12.5 per month

    <b> Your Direct Referrals Surf</b>
    5 referrals X 25 hour per month X 10 cents per hour

    $12.5 per month

    <b>Your Indirect referrals</B>
    25 indirect referrals X 25 hour per month X 5 cents per hour

    $ 31.25

    <B>TOTAL</B> = $56

    Yes, this is true. I just showed you sample for two levels of referrals but this can continue. Last month I got a cheque of $ 60 and i am trying to improve that this month.

    All you have to do is to download a view bar from there site. and when you will log on to the internet, it will display adds. YOU DON"T HAVE TO CLICK ON ADDS.

    Go to the site right now and sign up under me.

    Don't forget to enter my referral ID kdf-377


    Been there done that...hey what if i only go to that link with portion of what you gave and not this LOL there are better ways to make money on net.


    Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***

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      it doesn't help me or you. but if you go with the full, it will help me but won't hurt you.




        Did you ever have an AOL account by the same name. I used to know someone by this name eith on AOL or IRC, but can;t remember. You remember anyone by the nick xghalibx, if you're the same mirzayasir?

        hmmm.. otherwise, nevermind..


          AoA Ghalib,

          you remember me because i was a pretty regular participant of jokes, religous and other forums. I remember you very well. Search under my name and you will see the threads which i posted 1 year ago. Sorry, i am a busy person now (university.......), i don't have time for this




            good to see you again buddy...


              mirzayasir..yar adab..yes i agree with you..i got my check other day and i am also working on the other one so far it has $17.80, well not bad yar, there are other sites also my friend in rutgers was telling me about,he gets about 5 different check from different company just for keeping the view bar,nothing else,he registered me on advantage,and then he told me..well something is free in america....hehehe

              dil..dilsee..dil to akhir dil hai na