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It's An International Thing!!!!!!!

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    It's An International Thing!!!!!!!

    I hate public bathrooms... I just do, they are so uncomfortable and yeah down right GROSS.
    So u know I went out to eat with my family 2day. And unfortunately cause of the weather i had consumed a little too much water. So i had no other choice and had to use the bathroom there. So i am in the bathroom doing my business, and i suddenly see some very profane words on the walls. And some very sick comments. And this whole flash back comes to my mind. When Allah forbid i had to use this Public Bathroom in Lahore. And one of the walls had Rani tu Raji ki zaroor hou ghi written. I just found it funny besides being scared to death from the Roaches and interesting line of cobwebs.
    So Have u read any Bathroom Humor lately?
    Yes.. No.. Maybe so...

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    In the women's toilets at Leeds University where I did my BSc I saw this written for the first time:
    "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"
    I saw it many times later but it always made me laugh!


      Shirin, it's funny you mentioned that line cuz i always thought it was a strange comparison. I read that from a girl's graduation write-up -- it was her Life Advice (!!???)

      khair, one time i told a school friend/acquintance of mine at school of a little humourous poem, which i'm sure no one at school heard off; but, i heard it from someone out of school. anyways, i went to the washroom later on thta year <<ewwww>> and lo & behold, someone had written that exact poem on the stall. it goes:
      Jack & Jill went up the hill to have some fun
      Stupid Jill forgot her pill
      and now they have a son

      okay, when i was younger, that was one mighty funny poem; it's not one anymore.
      Turned out, it was the same girl whom i told, wrote the poem.
      Though, still, what kinda dum thing is that to write it on a wahsroom stall!? god, these ppl who write on stalls.....needs some creativity & a life.....

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        Bathrooms represent privacy....And ppl feel free to express whats on their mind...(and if there is a pen at hand...)
        sexual content is probably the commenest theme, for obvious reasons , but more interesting is the other stuff....
        I.e freedom slogans of 60s, civil right slogans , political jokes etc....Bathroom writings probably represent a good idea of a nations mood...
        In paksitan its overwhelmingly sexual , obviously representing teh sexual frustrations of her youth...complete with drawings, which are normally impossible to interprete but surely helped the ....eerrrr....artisit's fifteen ten minutes pass easy..
        i think there was a show done by PBS sometime back on this topic ...very informative and interseting...


          in our school's bathroom these lines were written...and i think we shud write these lines in every single public bathroom in da world....

          "if you sprinkle
          while you tinkle
          please be neat
          raise the seat"


            "...Rani tu Raji ki zaroor hou ghi..."


            Aray, mayray GaoN meiN toa Baath Ruums haiN heeN naheeN!

            Therefore, all I am interested to know is, Rani Raji ki huyee kay naheeN...


              hahaha Naikji, very sound advice indeed.
              kohal, i read a lil varied version of that poem, it went:

              jack n' jill went up the hill
              to fetch a pail of water
              forgot the pill, had some fun
              and came back with their daughter

              Right then, prolly the weirdest situation in public WC's is the "whos-gonna-go-first" contest. [prerequisite: 2 ppl enter adjoining stalls simultaneously].Both occupants have been "raring to go". But they have to hold in their "airs of relaxation". This contraction of posterior muscles is making breathing a troublesome affair. Finally, Person A cannot withold the contents of his recently consumed meal and out comes a plethora of whoopee-cushion sounds followed by blubber, blubber and then you could've sworn you heard someone jump in a low-lying pool. Person B is encouraged by these kind sounds, welcoming the opportunity he follows suit. The next 30 seconds brings about all sorts of bodily noises that sounds more like a bad m.c hammer remix. Needless to say, the song ends with a smell (or smells) of victory. By now, the focus of the contest shifts to who can get out of their respective stall first. So that the person waiting outside the WC suspects the latter person exiting to be the cause of the budboo. When bot ppl get out, the situation is either [a] both ignore each other as if nothing ever happened or [b]both greet each other with a polite hello and talk about the weather. (if it's a dorm bathroom, then "there's a party at so-and-so's" "cool, ill c a there". Both rush out and the next two ppl go in. The intensity is of course increased, because of the already budboo-e-Inteha. yaaro, do not try these stunts at home. These occurences are most commonly found at uni dorms and/or Taco Bell(or most mexican food) outlets. My name is Joe..and I gotta go!

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                he he Shirin thats funny.. a weird analagy , but the more weird bathroom humor the funnier it is

                Kohal kids now a days are into a little more then jack and jill poems. Oh yeahhhh. Atleast, i use to get amused by things like that when i was little. Well actually I still do .

                Nova yeah i remember seeing something like that.I dont necessarily think that sexual bathroom humor is worse in pakistan. Personally I think its probably worse over here. Yeah u have that sexual freedom HERE which leads to even worse situations. Not only in Bathroom humor but it's clearly noticealbe in other aspects of life too.

                Right on Naik

                Oh Dehtan i really dont know, lekin if u find out what happened to Rani and Raja. Please let me know o.k... i am VERY curious.

                ahem ahem Elmo thanxx for being VERY descriptive. I have most definitely acquired a lot knowlege after reading u'r reply.

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                  I was once dared by a friend to go to a womens bath room, which I did and used it with women in there. And I saw some bath room graffiti which was funny as hell. I am not sexist or anything but have to admiyt that women aik field main to mardon kaa number lay gayeen hay, that is bath room graffiti. I couldnt stop laughing when I read <b> Why is God a "he"</b>


                    "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"

                    Dear Shirin, this was a famous slogan in DC in 68 during the Women Liberation Movement, and the quote in fact is taken out of Betty Freidan’s book (the Feminine Mystique?) excellent book! This quote also appeared in the first issue of Ms. Magazine in 1972. It sure is a funny quote.

                    I have read many funny ones also, but the one that stuck in my mind was in my dorm bathroom, on a plaque written by the cleaning staff:

                    “we aim to please, will you aim too, please!”