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    Is a person..

    born evil in order to do evil things like kill etc? Or does it develop over time?

    We were discussing this in Religious Ed at college. Personally I think that everyone has evil in them, yet most ppl have boundaries that they don't cross, something inside that will stop them crossing that line. Others I think don't and instead of controlling that evil they let it develop which in turns destroys countless lives.

    Hey, Who stoped the payments on my reality cheque?

    Libra jee you are born is this world..which makes you evil..this world is like a transit for us,even if we live for 100 is is actually after samjee/samja

    dil..dilse..dil to akhir dil hai na


      Maybe, your right, but everyone still has some sort of evil in them whether it be small or big.


        I'll disagree a bit with Dilse here. Each one of has a devil and angel within us.
        World is not an excuse to turn out to be a devil. That is actually the real test of how you behave in face of troubles and how much faith you have in yourself and the moral values.
        It is very easy to blame others for faults within you then to challenge and cure them.



          everyone is born with his survival instincts. whether the instincts are good or evil is a subjective thing. the norms and morals prescribed by the society he grows up in tries to curb the "evil" tendencies.
          Simple ain't easy.


            Durr-e-Shahwar na na jee..well are you trying to say when you were born you had devil and anjel in your brain,allah tala kise ko bhee aisa naihi paida karta hia,it is this world which makes you bad and good...when you are born you are masoon and like anjel..frishta ap ka sath khel ta hain,why do you smile when you are only few week of your birth,you dont know any humor that you are smiling, frishta plays with you,i wll blame this world to make you bad,as you grow you see bad thing and good things,the society you move in teaches you good and bad doing...jee janab..aise bath hai...

            Khudi ko kar buland itna,
            ki har TAQDEER se pehley,
            Khuda khud bandey ko poochey,
            Bataa, "Teri raza kya hain?"

            dil..dilsee..di to akhir dil hai na

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              Would be interesting to know what Nova's thoughts are on this subject.....can anyone find him?


                Everyone has two sides. There is a good side and then there is a bad one. Shaitan is always there to misguide each and everyone of us. That's why there are so many duas..for a person's own protection, for times like those when Shaitan might be taking his toll on an individual.


                  I agree with dilse :

                  A new born baby is like an angel after birht.. so innocent.. this world makes the evil or good in the baby as he/she grows up..

                  and if that baby dies after birth or shorlty after birth.. then it goes directly to Paradise ( jannat ).. so, this proves that a baby is innocent like an angel... with no evil..


                    aaaaah I agree with Dilse and Gizzy..

                    We have a new born baby at home.(my nephew) and he smiles in his sleep and my mum says it's the angels playing with him in his sleep......
                    what evil do little masoom babies know at that age ...... ?

                    Evil or bad influences come at a later age - A child logically does not know what is right and wrong till he grows up..and it depends on his environment and what is around him as he grows and understands ....

                    I remember studying this at college - can't quite remember all the facts but all babies are born innocent and masoom..




                      i think that every person has some sort of evil attached to him ..
                      this evil is the AZMAISH which God has set for him/her
                      the level of evil may vary depending upon one's background.