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Can anyone explain........

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    Can anyone explain........

    Hi to all, basically i gather that a lot of you are students at uni's or colleges, can someone tell me what happens when you all get holidays?
    does this page fall apart?
    or should i still look forward to reading all your arguments?

    Hi Nazia,

    Your concern is well-placed. A majority of the participants on Gup Shup are students or young adults working and studying at the same time.

    Many of them do take off on holidays but are **addicted** enough to grab every opportunity to drop in from where they are vacationing . . .and those souls that simply can't . . . like Najim who may be headed for CRA . . . usually telephone another participant to get the latest scoop . . .

    This is about as slow as the forum gets though . . .and I'm thankful . . .I'm up to my you-know-what in alligators thanks to Y2K business!



      Some of us such as myself are working full time and our student days are way behind us.

      You refer to the discussion as arguments !
      Come on roll up you sleeves and get stuck in.


      Farouq Taj.


        What do all mean, fall apart. This is the best vacation that I ever had in my life. I mean to say, I'm only gonna be around till August. After that I'm going back to High school. No more Gupping And shupping(I'm sure you all cant wait to get rid of me )


          As Farouq said, not all of us are students. Also, not every student takes semester off at the same time and then not every one goes out of town.
          BTW Nazia, how did you gather this information. I assumed that the juvenile nature (no disrespect intended) of most of the postings helped you to conclude the age of the participants, thus the assumption that they must be student. Excellent.
          I must add at this point that most of the participants in this forum (as most of them are in teens or maybe 20's) contribute to the success of this forum in many ways. Energy in their writings, their constant flow of ideas, their aggressive nature, thier creativity, etc. Most of these attribute refelect a flexible personality, which is (unfortunately) a characterstic of youths only, nowadays. Most of the people, once start working or pass their 20's have their minds set about life and have their personalities set upto the state of rigidity. These are the kind of people who usually are the cause of all the arguements and controversiol discusions.
          Conclusion: People above 30 are a useless breed.
          My advice: Admin. should ban them to participte in this forum.
          What do you think Miss Moderator?

          [This message has been edited by Tariq Khan.]
          The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


            Well, I think Thirty Something can be fun too!
            I don't really look forward to being thirty and am still away to get worrying about it, but my friend, we'd have to ban you sometime too then, don't you think.
            Anyways, enjoy ya'all, and Nazia, I am now addicted to this place too, so generalizing a little, I can say that it won't go dull.


              I work fulltime, and even though i have read posting on this page off n on almost since it started as I know azkar. I never got involved cuz my work at Citicorp was makin me work 70+ hrs a week easy.

              I have been off work and takin it easy till my new job this monday.. ahah after that prolly wont write as much but I think this is a worthwhile place, so even if the students are not on.. us professional ppl will keep it going.

              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                to all of you
                Well as I also work full time it's good to know that not all of you are still at school and will be with me throughout!
                Farouq Jee, please be patient, I will join the discussions one day when I have enough confidence to face the comments of all the younger members, as they say Slow and Steady wins the race - but in my case (slow and steady saves face :0 )
                Tariq Jee, please do not encourage the younger members to make their elders feel unwanted, we need a combination of the views of the young and old to make this a success.
                See you all later


                  Intehaee himaaqat hotee hai, apnay kiyay hoyay mazzaqa ko khud explain karna.

                  To friend and Nazia
                  Thanks for the politeness, but it was a joke. The fact of the matter is this that I am 32 and working full time.
                  Take care

                  The prince who is otherwise known as TLK


                    Tariq Sahib
                    Please do not leave us ever, we need you.