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why were they killed? so sick of this!!

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    why were they killed? so sick of this!!

    Can someone tell me why these people were killed? Can someone tell me why a man would think that just because he was married to a woman that she should never be married again? Is this his "ghairat"? After reading this, is anyone surprised that the West stereoptypes us? That people have a bad opinion about Muslims and their attitude toward women? I am so upset right now! This makes me SICK!!

    Six hacked to death near Sialkot (Dawn)

    By Our Correspondent

    SIALKOT, May 2: Six people were hacked to death in the Jakhar village in Badiana PS, Pasrur tehsil, 28km from here, early Tuesday morning. Shakila Bibi (32), daughter of Mohammad Ramzan, a landlord of the village, was married to Shahbaz about six months back but was divorced last month over a minor dispute.

    As Shakila's parents were planning to remarry her, they were warned by her former husband against this. On Monday night Shakila was in her uncle Zafar Iqbal's house when Shehbaz and his seven accomplices, Mohammad Boota, Bushra Bibi, Abdullah, Abdul Razzaq, Ziaullah, Sughran Bibi and Mohammad Shafi, entered the house scaling the wall and slaughtered all the people.

    Those slaughtered were Zafar Iqbal (40), son of Ghulam Ali; Razia Bibi (38), wife of Zafar Iqbal; Irum (12) and Sonia (14), daughters of Zafar Iqbal; Shakila Bibi and her brother Falak Sher (25).

    The neighbours later informed the Badian police about the tragedy. The villagers staged a protest and demanded arrest of the killers. The bodies were handed over to the heirs after post mortem at the Pasrur civil hospital. The victims were buried in the village.

    Punjab Governor Mohammad Safdar and provincial Finance Minister Shahid Hafeez Kardar have sought a report from the Sialkot district administration.

    This is absolute ignorance and sickening atrocity... I don't even know what to say on this one.


      Yes, it is very sickening to hear this. It is a very sad and a cowardly act. But why is when such things are committed, why dont people yell CRIMINAL? PSYCHOS? MURDERER? why instead do they yell ISLAM? MUSLIMS? PAKISTANI'S? and who the hell cares how the west sees us. They will always see us negatively anyway.
      what the hell does that have to do with islam? muslims? or islamic treatment of women? I can give you tonnes of sick murders and slaughters here in USA and CANADA of all or even worse types but nobody yells christians, Americans, Canadians, etc... heck, they dont even mention the ethnic background of the murderer!
      except if he is a muslim ofcourse

      Anyways, it is a very sad and sickening thing. But come on, I didn't do it. We are not that bad people!


        You have every right to be upset, as am I, and as i believe every person on this forum is. But a couple of things. First of all, if the west is basing their stereotyping of muslims based on such occurences, which they are, then not only are they wrong, they are hypocrites as well. Humiliation, battering, rape, murder by possessive husbands/boyfriends and life long tortures of women are as common in the west as are in Pakistan. The western media has a way of presenting every incident here in a dignified way, and every incident in muslim countries in a degrading way...but that doesnt make things right. Police officers shove a toilet plunger up a mans ass, and noone outside of new york knows about it....and a man gets beheaded in saudi arabia for murder, and its on the new york times front page. A woman gets burnt in sialkot, and its on the AP wire before the match is even lit. The hypocrisy is there, however henious the act is. This is not about islam. If those people murdered that woman, they didnt do it in the name of Islam, and if they say that they did, they are not representatives of Islam.


          Strongman and Akif,
          HELLLOOO??? This is part of our culture! It is not part of Western culture that a woman cannot remarry. If a man kills his ex-wife or even ex-girlfriend in the West, he is not supported by his culture! In the West, are they having battles in the judiciary as to whether HONOR KILLINGS should be illegal? Wake up and face it guys!
          I never said that these guys were following Islam when they did this. But the sick thing is, they probably thought they were, and would probably tell the reporters that they were. In some ways I do not blame the West for the way they see us.



            Zara bahan I understand. It is very brutel act. Forget about ethnic backgrounds and geographical regions. It happens every where. Today while driving to school, I heard on radio that in South Africa every 29 seconds a rape occurs. Sari duniya ka yahi haal haa. But in pakistan ppl are "free" jo chahay kertay phiro... we should yell against these kinds of acts and try to STOP it.

            No matter what place is it, which religion is it, you will find evil ppl everyplace. West is no exception.



              "Can someone tell me why a man would think that just because he was married to a woman that she should never be married again?"

              Agar maiN nay kuch kaha, it would be based on subjective personal emotions...

              So, I will just say it is good to see women like yourself, who pick up on such news and question them......*smile*


              "This is absolute ignorance..."

              Yes, and sadly, this type of "ignorance" exists even in the so called, upper/educated/well-to-do echelons of society....

              Which makes it harder because appearances are deceptive.....
              One can believe some villager to be harboring such notions but not the suited booted ones.....


              I Definitely agree with you when you say,

              "..what the hell does that have to do with islam?"

              Because if we followed Islam in it's True spirits, this would never have taken place...

              For according to Islam, every Divorcee, every Widow, is as eligible, attractive and Respectable as any other potential mate, with the same Rights to Remarry as any other....

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                Originally posted by Dehatan:

                "Can someone tell me why a man would think that just because he was married to a woman that she should never be married again?"

                Agar maiN nay kuch kaha, it would be based on subjective personal emotions...
                Dehatan, I appreciate the sentiments in your post, can't really say they are personal, subjective emotions, because the culture supports these emotions! I do see what you are saying, though, and mostly agree with you.


                It is a brutal act, and brutal acts do happen everywhere, but THIS PARTICULAR KIND of brutal act happens so much in our beloved country! That is the point I am making. And just think of the number of women who are coerced into not following their dreams because of fear of what the society will do to them?



                  Waisay ek baat kahoon, aap loge bura to nahee mann-ain gay???

                  Why do u people look back???? do u have to go to that country and live the rest of your life there? would you sacrifice anything for that country (apart from money, even money as well in some cases)? did u ever praised any good thing of that country? or are u a full time critic who only critisize whatever it is, good or bad. I think u only want Pakistan to be a perfect country.

                  Bibi ji, agar pakistan perfect hota to naa aap iss waqt UK/Europe/USA/Canada main hotee aur naa main belkeh hum sab perfect Pakistan main hotay. Maqsad kehnay ka yeh hay keh ..... when it comes to do an effor then most of the people living in Europe USA/Canada run away but when it comes to critisize these are the people who are ahead of anyone else. Is it right?????

                  Why do 90% people say, I am British/Dutch/America/Canadian .... .when they go there??? while they say that they are pakistani when there are in UK/USA etc etc????????? I think thats why the term ABCD/BBCD used because they are unable to decide what they are, how they should think and what they should believe in regarding these background/origin matters.


                    Well, I should not have to excuse myself for being critical of Pakistan. And if people who left Pakistan did not care about it or about other Pakistanis, then there would be no ex-patriots on this forum, including you. People outside the country are often in a better position to see wrong things, are they are not so deeply immersed in the social norms. It also seems that much more shocking to us. Should I stick my head in the sand, or just nod my head and say everything is fine? EXCUSE ME FOR CARING.


                      Originally posted by zaraatif:
                      HELLLOOO??? This is part of our culture!

                      No its not. You may choose to believe so, but people dont come out in throngs supporting such henious acts. In Pakistan and Islam, a woman is allowed to remarry, and they do remarry. There are loads of such cases that have crossed my eyes.

                      If a man kills his ex-wife or even ex-girlfriend in the West, he is not supported by his culture!
                      neither are such people supported in pakistan. It was a family affair in this case...its not as if the whole town or village went along with the murderers to kill the innocent woman.

                      in the West, are they having battles in the judiciary as to whether HONOR KILLINGS should be illegal?

                      The judiciary of the west itself has a long way to go before we can call it fair. And the laws themselves are not much to be proud of either. Its ok to have sex with multiple partners while single, and even when youre married, but you cannot be married to multiple partners? i still have to see the sense in that. However, if its the matter of this killing, i do agree that its an act that should be punished with a similar sentence for the killers cause they deserve it. But the west is no angel. We see it around all the time.


                        This is so sad. Tragic is not the word one can describe this horrific atrocity by. I agree with Zara, that this goes on more too often in Pakistan. In the name of Shame, we kill.

                        There are as many reasons for lawlessness in our society as there is helplessness of those victimized. In many cases, the culprits roam free. Most Pakistanis know someone who has been victimized in the name of Izzat and Gharait. But by looking at the reasons for such atrocities purely from religious or cultural prescript, we miss out on the bigger picture. We need to focus on the bigger issue which is, equality (a socio-economic and political phenomenon, and not a religious or cultural one). There is no way in hell that religion(s) or cultures condone such brutal acts. If such were the case, we will be killing five people a day, one after every Nimaz. And a bonus one after Tahajad.

                        In terms of Western press sensationalizing such acts, and sometimes stereotyping Muslims, there is truth to that. But that does not lessen the crime, nor does it make sensible readers take everything they read for granted. Western Press is not an authority on Desi social emblematic. Ted Turner or Murdoch know as much about Sialkot as Bashira Lohar knows about Justin Volpe. So we can’t totally blame the Western media for the kind of portrayal they display. I agree that it is biased, but again, everyone is free to express what they like. No one is stopping us to start our own unbiased Media. Until we do that, we need to eat what we get. We cannot blame Western Media until we have a “free” press in our own Nation.

                        Akif is wrong in suggesting that noone outside of New York knows about the Toilet Plunger case. In fact, it is to the contrary. The courts where this case was being heard is 10 feet from where I work, and throughout the case, there were TV Cameras from all over the world covering the proceedings. The difference is that Saudi Arabia does not allow French or Japanese TV to broadcast a public execution held in Madina. Remember O.J being chased by Police Cars? In fact, most of European TV Stations were live broadcasting the chase, as well as the Court proceedings. So, the Western Media shows what sells. Unfortunately Sensationalization sells.

                        In any event, it is wrong to think that Religion condones such brutalities. The only solution is to instill equality of life among kids at an early stage of their development. The crimes against women in our society are not a result of someone waking up one morning and deciding to kill a girl, but a result of ignorance. We have ignored the basic needs of our society (education, healthcare, etc.) and have wasted our resources on unnecessary apparatus (defense, etc.). This is the price we have to pay, and we will continue to pay that price until we wake up. One day, we will.


                          You believe that this act is not part of our culture? You say it is a "family affair case"? Well, why was Shabaz able to find seven good buddies to help him out?

                          "Shehbaz and his seven accomplices, Mohammad Boota, Bushra Bibi, Abdullah, Abdul Razzaq, Ziaullah, Sughran Bibi and Mohammad Shafi, entered the house scaling the wall and slaughtered all the people."

                          Do you think that someone committing a similar crime in the US would be able to find seven friends to help him out? I think this is all the proof we need. I don't think that everyone supports this, BUT MANY PEOPLE DO.


                            murder is a murder. it happens in every country and religion. 10 yr old r shooting classmates here in liberated free US where there is supposedly no social/religious burden on these kids. its not ignorance either cos they all are shooting their class mates IN SCHOOLS.

                            i dont see the western media shouting at christianity for these killings do I. only when the killings happen in a muslim country, Islam is blamed.

                            jewish media has done a good job in messing up ur brains hasnt it.



                              Well Zara i have to agree with U. That in Pakistani Culture, Its a taboo for Women to remarry. Which is totally contray to our Religion. Now once again living with Hindus has influenced immensely on our culture. I think the whole satti tradition , partly kicked in our culture.
                              But one thing that infuriates me is , just the fact when oklahoma bombing occured. The western media was pin pointing on Muslims. And Alhamdullilah they were proven wrong.
                              Whenever, these so Called muslims do something bad, they are always in the spotlight. And Us real muslims get booed at. One thing that is out of my comprehension, is when an avg joe does something wrong. They state it very simply by writing , Joe committed a crime.
                              But if a avg Muhammad does something wrong. They spice it up and make it clear that he is supposedly Muslim. Grrrrr this aggravates me.