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Islam & The Modern World

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    Islam & The Modern World

    Aslaam-u-alaikum to you all. I haven't been using GupShup for that long so most (if not all) of you probably will not know me. You already know my name, Im 28 years old and have been living in England most of my life with the occasional trip back to Pakistan. Anyway I have been reading the various threads within GupShup have paid particular attention to those which cover Islam/Belief. As someone who has spent his young and impressionable years in the west I have noticed that many of our young brothers & sisters not only refrain from talking about Islam but also seem to be drifting further and further away from it. I know belief is always a very sensitive issue and please bear in mind I don't intend to make any judgments about people or to force my own personal beliefs on them. All I want to know is the truth regarding your views on Islam in todays world. Why are so many of our brothers & sisters cutting all their links with Islam and adopting the western approach to life (ie you only live once, do all you can, get all you can and have no concerns about being held to account for all your actions). I am not talking here, about making sure you perform your five daily prayers and fasting, and all the rest. What I am talking about is the blatant rejection of faith, Where people almost go to the extent of saying 'Islam does not fit into the life I lead..and I have done just fine without Islam what good can it do for me'. I am sure some of you will have heard /seen such examples.
    Once again, I don't intend to start any wars here nor do I intend on condeming people to the fires of hell !. Just tell me where you think we are going wrong, what are your personal views are and maybe what we can do to turn things around.

    I personally know that I can do so much more towards being a better muslim, and I also know that the day will surley come when I will have to account for each and every one of my actions. I am as certain of the day of judgement as I am of the sun rise in the morning. And yet I too don't do as much as I could as regards leading a muslim way of life. But to this day, Al-hamdu-lillah, I have not rejected faith nor dismissed Islam as being part of my life.

    Peace & Blessings


    Naz, we appreciate your concerns. We need more of what you have to say. Please continue this thread in the RELIGION Forum.