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    Next Saturday I am walking in the cancer walk, for which many of my friends are sponsoring me and I have collected a significant amount which will be donated for the Lung Cancer Research.

    On the same day, I am invited to my close friendís daughterís Communion, a religious ritual.

    The problem is that there is conflict, I can go to either one or the other, and not to both.

    If it were some other day, needless to say that I will attend her Communion.

    The only reason I feel bad about it because I love that little girl, and she will wonder what made me miss her Communion.

    But these religious rituals have no place in my heart and I feel very strongly about going for the Cancer walk.

    I plan to go see her the day after, but I am a little confused about explaining it to a 7 year old girl. There is no question in my mind that what I am doing is far more meaningful for humanity than attending religious rituals.

    Do you understand my predicament? I am asking myself if my own kids were having something very important, e.g., graduation, etc, will I miss that event to attend something that is so sweet to me?

    Life sucks.

    Take her also to the walk


      i know for some walks you have the option of just handing in the donations you collected even if you can't attend the walk and this could be a possiblity for you... thats if participating in the actual walk is important to you.. is your walk based on actual miles/kms walked or did is it whatever amount that people donated to you...cuz then i guess that would be a factor as well... anyways good luck in whatever you decide.


        send me a ticket and I will fly down and walk in your place
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          Maybe you are taking yourself too seriously (I just learned this smiley, so I'm using it a lot that you think she will be so upset! And if she does get upset, she'll get over it quickly, because she's just a kid.

          I wouldn't tell her why you can't come, because she probably won't understand (plus, her family values these rituals). Just visit her before the communion and tell her that you can't come, because you have to participate in the Cancer Walk. Then come again later and bring her a present, or some candy or something. That's what I would do.

          Hey, the cancer walk sounds pretty neat, good going!



            good suggestion zara