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pics+videos of Qrius' son.

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    pics+videos of Qrius' son.

    this is basically a reply of the June 4th, 2005 thread, that deserved an individual thread basically.. all the wishes and feelings and replies and comments were communicated to Qrius baji.. hecticly busy with the family, and now an addition, she will be contacting people as life permits her..

    the credit for putting up the videos and helping me at every step definitely goes to gizzy as without his help, these videos wouldnt have made it online with such ease.. (claps for him). thanks gizzy

    awrite.. FINALLY had some time and energy left from the hecccccccctic weekend, so presenting ya'all with pics and most importantly, movie of Zayaan Ali Sheikh. (name came as request from dadaji of the lil fellow) Ali Sheikh is traditional surname and Zayaan mixes very well with our family names (faizan, saadaan, armoghaan, zayaan)

    without further waiting:
    in middle of everyone, (sunday gathering).

    another shot, choti aunty trying to KEEP him (as she said)

    winking at the camera, player even from NOW!


    1. dad delivering azaan in newborn's ears.

    2. faizy bugging the lil fellow in his sleep, the voice u hear "bhaiii, tangg nahi karooooo" is my younger bro

    3. munna hungry, and is helping himself the 'sound effects' are from his dad (very cute)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    that is all for now..awaiting your comments :-)
    thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:

    Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

    OH I was writing in the other post, but it got closed before I could submit.

    But here goes...

    Oh my God, how lovely, I didnt even knew that Qruis was expecting, what a suprise.

    Congratulations to the whole family and best wishes for the young mom and dad.

    How time flies?

    I just saw the pic of the Zayaan, masahallah nice baby and nice name, May Allah protect him and keep him in good hands.

    Ps! We're having a real baby boom here in GS :-)


      Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

      mubarak ho veryyyyyy cute baby mashAllah
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        Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

        OMG Iam in love again :love:..

        thanku faizyyyy *hugs*
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          Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

          aww mashAllah..sucha beautiful boy!

          hes got real good health mashAllah...cute cheeks!

          Allah isey bohat lambi zindagi dey aur isey bohat khush rakhay,ameen.
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            Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

            nice name .. " zayaan " hes soo cute mashallaha se all pics

            faizy I cant see Videos for some reason .. but koi baat nahi , will try later ..
            "Hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold urs "


              Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

              bohot bohot mubarak.....mashallah the baby is cute...i thought the last video was funny.....the noise and the baby

              Oh and thanks Gizzy bhai for all ur help putting up the videos....
              Tere naam humne kiya hai jeevan apna saara sanam
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              Ishq hai tu hamaara sanam...


                Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                A challenge and a blessing in one package.


                  Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                  OMG .. I never knew ..... but i guess u guys r pretty good at keepin secrets... :-) ... Anyway.. Congratulations to Sameen, and the family... and everyone around.. May Allah Miyan fill his life with Happiness .... This has been a lovely surprise... Beautiful baby Mashallah say .... My regards to the family!
                  Looking for fishes....<}}}><


                    Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                    Faizy, no thanks yaar

                    Wish you an Qrius all the best and a bright future for the newly arrived munna. Ameen

                    And I already had a sneak peak ;-)

                    Thanks for sharing yaar


                      Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                      Awwww Masha Allah he is shooooo cute thanx for the pics.

                      As like sandleen i m not able to view the videos at this moment

                      Many congrates again to sameen & her husband. and whole family

                      While rest of the world was busy mating I was Moderating Cafe and lost my jawani.


                        Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                        Originally posted by faizy
                        (I'll explain the s soon.)

                        Once again, bohot bohot Mubarak ho!
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                          Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                          awwwwwww so cute!!!

                          I wanna hav a baby now
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                            Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                            congratulations faizy cute baby MashaAllah...

                            this calls for a guppie get-together


                              Re: pics+videos of Qrius' son.

                              Congrats to you and your family Sameen! Mashallah he is an absolute cutey

                              ...I was having trouble opening the videos too...
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