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    Sleep deprived

    I'm soooo sleep deprived. In fact, I mostly have been for the last year or so.

    I hardly got 5 hours of sleep last night and took a short nap for 1.45-2 hours this afternoon. I've been up since then and have been slacking.

    I was planning on hitting the bed early tonight to get the extra needed sleep. Although I'm extremely tired and sleepy, but I somehow still want to stay up. That is because I know I'll have to be studying most of the day tomorrow for the upcoming midterm. Sunday, I have to study for another test. Monday, more review for the midterm. In addition, somehow in between I have to read a few chapters and complete an assignment that's due Tuesday.

    *sad & stressed*

    Re: Sleep deprived

    u should get sme sleep........the mininum hours of sleep that u shud be getting is 4 hrs and maximum 8hrs......

    hving sleep deprivation b4 ur exams is not u wont be able to do well in ur exams even tho u mite think that u will.........

    so u better get to bed............

    sweet dreams
    "Anything U can DO.....I CAN DO BETTER...."


      Re: Sleep deprived

      thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


        Re: Sleep deprived

        ok, but what exactly your question is to answer ? :s

        have coffee or some pills named 'awake'...
        Rastay kay musafir, beech rah main mil kar yooN apni anjani manzil ki taraf rawaN hojatay haiN, yeh safar yooN beech rah main kabhi khatam nahi hosakta jab donoN ki simt hi juda ho... aur diloN ki raah aik ho...


          Re: Sleep deprived

          shararati bachi, 4 hours is too little, although often that is the amount I get. I need at least 9 hours of sleep every night to function properly.

          dada abba, I was just ranting. I usually depend on pop or iced-cap to keep myself awake if required.


            Re: Sleep deprived

            ~tughe iss tarha say hum yaad karnay lagay hain
            laho ban kay ansoo barasnay lagay hain~


              Re: Sleep deprived

              Taking a walk in fresh air helps plenty. If it doesn't puts u to sleep, it certainly makes your soul feel good. Take a warm bubble bath and soak atleast for 30 mins (yeah the full deal, fill up the tub with water etc etc) add up some aroma candles to the process. Very relaxing!
              Watch a comedy movie+popcorn or chips/fav pop....u have have to take a break be it for 2 hrs past midnight because that gives you the essential stuff to get back ur strength to study or do whatever u have to do. Eat ice-cream....cheese cake....something rich and sweet that u like....chocolates? I used to do all that during peek exam days (err except for watching a movie, but did used to see an episode of friends or whatever show is ur favourite and puts u in a good spirit).
              We can't usually sleep because of tension, stress etc..etc...doing an activity that gives our brain a reverse message (happiness or peace etc) puts us in a good state of mind to be more focused and concentrated on something we're doing. It helps relieve the tension from our body/mind and spirit. And eventually sleep will come to u if u relax.


                Re: Sleep deprived

                i am such an idiot, i have time to sleep n yet i waste it on GS n then i cant wake up in the morning
                Disclemer: I mispel al i watn


                  Re: Sleep deprived

                  ^ I've been doing the same unfortunately.

                  Daysee Behna, that's surely some wonderful advice. Thank you.

                  I guess I get stressed because of wasting so much time, but I can't help it. For instance, it's almost 3am and I still haven't studied much. I quickly skimmed through the notes (for the midterm on Monday) today and I decided to review before going to bed.

                  My goal was to review again from 12am-3am, so that I would understand and remember better the 2nd time around. I was hoping I'd remember half the material. Now that I started reviewing at 1.30am, I realized I don't remember a word, rather no more than what I had already known. Therefore, my effort of reviewing earlier today and staying up (not getting anything accomplished, as I've only skimmed through a few pages) was futile.

                  I had plenty of food and dessert today, but since I felt bad at 2.30am, I decided to go for some kalakand. Now I feel worse, as I've just consumed something, which I won't be able to burn and it will add on to the weight that I have been unable to lose.

                  Therefore, I do not feel sleepy at all, but my mind feels tired and I'm under great stress because I couldn't get any studying done and I ate too late at night, which is very unhealthy and is bound to add a few extra pounds.

                  Btw.. the shower thing really works. A friend of mine suggested taking shower and it really does help me fall asleep.

                  Once again, thank you for the wonderul advice.


                    Re: Sleep deprived

                    Dearest Sadiyah... I'll be very honest with you. Cramming into ur system the last minutes notes or info, is indeed no help (ouch eh). It works for lots of ppl I know...but never did for me in regards to sciences or literature. The best time is actually just attending the classes all through the semester and whatever study/discussion/notes are done during that time and after class (when u group study) used to be the only material that stuck to my memory. But obviously we can't be idealistic students always. In that case I never bothered to study esp' two days before the actual exams. I made sure I had good sleep (which was not too often) and just trusted myself that if I've done a good job during the semester in regular classes, I will just do fine on my exam...granted I've rested my brain/body enuf to feel up to the task. It really worked for me 80% of the time. Unless it was a presentation I had to do, I'd stay up all night...too anxious to get it over with. btw...I spent my time preparing for midterms during a 4th Generation language midterm chatting with my fiancÚ till morning *lol*(bad db) and he was thinking what a slacker I am but I did fine and got away with an A grade. Conclusion:I'm not boasting, implying that if one is relaxed, mind tend to do wonders during exams... ahem...not that I'm suggesting u shud do the same :-)

                    I don't know what is ur major/or if its related to highschool subject...! Anyway, as long as its not math/physics or any numeral related subject and just lotsa reading material that u need to absorb, if u skim thru it, u will do fine on midterm. Subjects like math/physics or programming (if u're in univ) I'd recommend u to attempt when u are rested, fresh and in a good mood plus don't feel rushed. Thats the worst we do to ourselves during exams study sessions i.e. to make ourselves go through this 'I have to rush past everything, I better not fail or miss a word or have anything less than a B/A grade, cuz its the end of the world for me and I will have nothing more to live for' kinda phase. That really really is the main factor in throwing us in the endless loop of wonderful stress/anxiety and henceforth making us utterly paranoid yar.

                    Reason why u can't seem to remember a word is cuz u are feeling too anxious and worried. Apprehension is not a way to approach thy enemy my dear (yeah if midterms aren't our enemies than what are during student-hood). So think of this midterm as not ur one and only chance to score good but indeed an event that has been much awaited with joy (lol who am I kidding..ok no seriously just repeat that over and over to urself until u make urself believe what u're saying).
                    Oh and girl don't you worry about putting some extra lbs. I've heard/and seen its good. Gives you a good bearing to overcome stress and makes one more blissful. If u look around, plump ppl are happier and more light hearted compared to the slimmer ones. Oh c'mon now, u can get away with it yar! Ok I better quit writing ...

                    Wish u best of luck for exams....u'll do wonderful if u have in past...and otherwise if vice versa...kidding!
                    Last edited by Daysee Behna; Jun 5, 2005, 02:40 AM.


                      Re: Sleep deprived

                      ps. Sorry had to add....don't do something distasteful before bedtime(like going over notes, won't let the word sleep come even near u). If u like to 'waste time' (in my words, time used to calm down ur anxious nerves) do it with a favourite activity, something that takes ur mind off the 'scary word' exams. Read a book, or read gup....but careful cuz time can fly while being on gup ;-) Keep a watch nearby, time urself....and say, ok I'm going to take a break for so many minutes and then I've to do this! But do avoid stressy activities. If u like music...tune into some soft tunes (no hard rock ok) ..I really should stop now All the best to u!


                        Re: Sleep deprived

                        Daysee behna, once again thank you for the advice and the kind words. I really appreciate it.

                        To quickly summarise it all:

                        I'm a Business Admin. student at a local community college. I'm enrolled in a full-time summer semester and it has been very hectic for me.

                        I have day classes on Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri and night classes on Mon, Tue, Wed. Then I've got work on Thursday and Friday evenings.

                        So basically I have no time for anything. I haven't been able to study or get rest at all. The only rest I get is over the weekend when I actually get to sleep 8-9 hours at night. In addition, I only have the weekend and Monday mornings to do all my homework, assignments, reviewing, etc.

                        I usually like to start studying and making notes (if needed) for the quizes/tests/exams ahead of time (usually a few days or a week if needed). However, since this semester has been crazy so far, I haven't been able to study much ahead of time.

                        I studied so much last week for Purchasing & Supply Management quiz that is only worth 5% (or may be 10%) and now the word has it that the average mark is around 50-60% and the highest mark is 70%. Now that has been very depressing. Oh and I'll be getting that quiz back sometime early next week, so a wee bit of anxiety there.

                        The upcoming midterm is for Labour Relations and the prof. only teaches using PowerPoint slides. Masha'Allah, he gives a few too many examples and adds personal experiences than covering the actual course material. His slides don't make much sense and I'm finding it *very hard* to remember all the different unions that existed in North America and how they evolved and the functions and roles they play...the stuff they can do, cannot do, can get you, cannot get you, etc. etc.

                        GS is definitely very addictive and I'm usually glued to my laptop & GS while studying, as I find it to be the only solution that sort of encourages me to continue studying, otherwise I'd get bored within minutes and most likely quit.

                        Oh and this course is going by very fast as the course will only last 2 months instead of the regular 4 months.

                        So all in all, there's a lot of material and information to absorb and retain and there's very little time remaining.

                        Alhamdulillah, I did get a few chapters (on ppt) covered within the last 30 minutes. Now that I'm totally drained and exhaused, it's time I hit the bed and continue afresh tomorrow (hopefully), insha'Allah.

                        Btw... it was great learning about your educational experience and how you pulled it through. I always find examples of how others made it through very encouraing and helpful.


                          Re: Sleep deprived

                          ^ Thanks...but I kinda left/got married in the middle...and umm...still have to complete my degree...*sigh* Long story short...I got some other goals accomplished ahead of its due time...but I'm darn determent to get what I loved so much done one glorious day when fate permits. Which will be soon insha Allah

                          You do sound alot like my brother. He's taking the same course. Well like I said we can't be perfect all the time ...we have to give ourselves a bit of room to breath and to err...otherwise Sadiyah, life gets too over bearing and impossible to live. I can related to ur anxiety...but just remember that u've come so far, it will come through for you. Beside the world isn't coming to an end anyway...thats atleast what I say to myself and keep going each day.
                          Anyway, we'll be here for u if u need any moral support or encouraging words..gup is never short of it ...especially during exams season

                          **Good night & Sweet Dreams** Zzzzz...


                            Re: Sleep deprived

                            I wish you all the best in your endeavour to complete your education, insha'Allah.

                            As for myself, I will try my best to get as much studying done as possible and rest is in the Hands of Allah (SWT).