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Are ; Pakistanis very religious, as a nation?

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    Are ; Pakistanis very religious, as a nation?

    Do you think pakistanis are very religious as a nation? Are pakistanis committed towards islam so much that they involve themselves so much in the religious field that they kill others with the intention to serve islam and pakistan or they are non-religious at heart and are only politicians, so killing uplifts their political status. This is what I am confused at, since Ammir liaqat ali of aalim online; said , on the fatwa passed by moufti mouneeb that "succide attack is not religious" Aamir liaqat said. This fatwa is only applicable for pakistan at large ruled by muslims and is islamic state, where as this fatwa is not applicable on Iraq as there is rule of kufars. Is houshyar , talabani, etc also do not come in islamic circle, if others being shia in his opinion are kufars? Later Aa mir liaqat had stopped talking about iraq. Was it because Muffti mounib scoulded him or he had realized that his mischevious behaviour, may cause his popularity another damage; like his obtaining Doctors Degree from internet----which stayed a topic for quite sometime. How do you see it?
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    Re: Are ; Pakistanis very religious, as a nation?

    pics please :halo:
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