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waiting for a miracle

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    waiting for a miracle

    i know it seems like a strange thought but i wanted to share with u.

    at each and every part of my life i havebeen waiting for some kind of miracle to happen.
    for example, in junior school i was waiting for a miracle so dat i have enough money to buy me a comp.
    then when i gave my matric papers i was waiting for something similar so dat i would score above 700.
    then came to college and was waiting for a bike to come to me from nowhere.

    and now i'm waiting for a miracle to happen so dat i can get out of my job contract( which is gettin on my nerves) since i have two more yrs left

    I think more than a hope or dream of things.......
    I think we all do...... we all think something will get us to the other side..

    Nothing wrong with hoping and dreaming...

    Umeed pe dunya qaim hai



      yeahi know what you 2 are saying.

      *I'm still waiting for some university replies ~~~~~~~~what's gonna happen...?
      heck, i'm still waiting for the miracle to happen where i get A+ in the courses i love to study .....

      *I'm still waiting for the Ideal Prince-charming to slide into my life~~~~~~~~~~~sighzz

      I guess the "mircale" is more like "hope."

      I got this line from my friend who uses it frequently:
      Hope is like an anchor -- it holds onto the Unseen.

      something better


        And I guess I'm waiting for a miracle to happen so that I can be with my Prince Charming forever

        Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!



          best of luck to u galz

          "hazaroon khawashain aasi kay har khawahish par dam niklay"

          i forgot the second phrase

          DUMB HEAD