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frm karachi:on a musical mission!!!

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    frm karachi:on a musical mission!!!

    rite now HIS hit nos. mahi ve ans jiya na jaye are a rage on indian music tv and fm radio.its the innocence in his voice and thrust on melody tht make Fakhir mehmood click!!! (hmmm....i write well!!!!) u heard pak based faakhir...i think its his first album and he realesed it in INDIA!b4 he has got into a controversy 4 a song mr. fraudiay which spoke of the corruption in pakistan.they were banned by the benazir bhutto govt!!!ow......:elmo:
    newayz......he like eminem 4 his bold lyrics and other fav includes pink floyd and the betles.....also he considers himself old enough 2 take out a girl on a date!!!

    also..b4 i forget i hv got my result and i got 87% gud na.......thnku.....thnku!!!

    Re: frm karachin a musical mission!!!

    That stupid idiot Fakhir makes me burn all his CD's in protest of his alleged sale of his song 'Mahi way' into the hindians hand,,, Argghhhh ,,,

    And same goes with 'Jal' woh lamhay,,, ,, ,,, Gai bhains paani mai,,,
    Can some one in PK put some sense into these wannabe rich idiots,,,
    or money is every thing ,,, :elmo:
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