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Make up Bags:- Whats in your???????

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    Make up Bags:- Whats in your???????

    Well since my come back thread mentioned this, I guess (like in a game of intakshi) I will start my first post on......... -( u know i feel like those actresses that work in films and then disappear and then have this COMEBACK - In which if she doesn't peform then she's out again). Anyhow make up bags in todays topic

    So whats yours like Kohal, Anchal, Hamsa, Nadia21, Boss, NY Ahmadi????????
    What do you keep in it????????

    Well darlings make up bags and the choice to keep one in your handbags/breifcases are a matter of individual choices.

    Some of you may just like to put a lipstick in your bag pocket. I beleive the bigger your make up bag the more you'll fill it up. So choose one that a medium size to hold all your necessities. Coz your make up box (Vanity case) at home is the main holder for all your make up.
    Choose one thats washable and has a mirror too. Also buy a medium price one too, cos you don't wanna an exspensive one that will last you forever, you wanna change it girl!!!
    Now what should your bag contain.
    All girl have a secret weapon that they use and that does the trick. Like for eg me. You'll never see me without my lippy, people sometimes walk right pass me when I'm not wearing any, thats the different. Thats why I keep one under my pillow so when I wake up and go downstairs, my mums doesn't think, yeh koun larki humarey ghar mein??????????

    Haan where was I, yeah so every girl (or guy) has this secret make up tool, ok another eg, my mate tina, all she needs is a bit of mascara and wow, ashwariya is all you can see (*****!!!! and she aint my mate).

    Any how, So sit down and think of what your secret tool is. Once you've established this, then thats the first thing that will go in

    Phir, put your faviourite colour lipstick in there too.

    A small pot of moisture cream is a must, a
    kohal pencil can come in handy, when you wanna jot THAT number down in a hurry.

    Powder. So you can make a quick exit by using the old line, gotta powder my nose.

    And I have a pair of tweezer too, and I believe they could come in handy in times of danger!!!!!!! What kind??? loads of situations.

    Ahhh yeah keep some brushes and a few swabs of cotton wool.

    And that all you need!
    Any questions FIRE AWAY>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>

    [This message has been edited by Nageena Rani (edited April 22, 2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Nageena Rani (edited April 22, 2000).]

    Well, I don't really carry a makeup kit as such but I do have stuff in my pant's pocket for emergency purposes...

    When I was a teenager I used to have a comb, a deodrant and my telephone number on a piece of paper....(ofcourse the kit was prepared keeping Zeenat Aman in mind)

    Now that I'm 'supposed' to be mature my make up kit has changed immensly. Now I carry mints, moisturizing cream and Visine for eyes. (like a polar bear)

    And If I don't get married real soon I'm afraid I'll be carrying the whole pharmacy with me (I'm real careful about words here)



      heheh Boss.

      well Nageena Rani, i actually do have a huuugee big fat make-up kit in which i keep everything which you mentioned. plus some make-up brushes, ear-cotton-swabs , & sharpners. when i travel out-of-town, i carry a smaller kit version.

      as for my special tool, hmm....i know i really like the kohal eye-liner pencil, but........cant really figure out if that is my special tool or if its something else.

      <<btw, there's more than ONE use of a tweezer other than of its normal use??????? no kidding -- what can be its other use? >>



        Why you LayDZ, needs make up????
        why don't you live natural??
        like man live with---out make up, why don't you??

        Personally, I don't like maikh-up, there are many reasons:

        • 10 In Lip stick, the Fat, used is taken from any animal, it could be pig !

          20 Goto 1.

          30 If answer in 10=yes, then goto 40

          40 Count loop=100000000

          50 goto 60

          60 If the thing is pierced in the Brain, then END.

          70 Over and all



          Girlsssssss what happen to the pads?


          Till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


   * 1000


              Nagz sweetiecreamcake


              i dont really have a "makeup bag"
              its just a backpack i carry along everywhere with my organizer, sunnies, wallet, keys, a collection of pens and pencils i dunno why, some wipes cause i dont belive in tissues always pefer wipes and my mobile

              as for makeup moisturizer is a must i dont go anywhere without it, my compact, foundation and lipstick along with a brush and a comb all neatly packed in the front easy to access pocket .. umm i used to carry my toothbrush but then i discoverd Extra did the same work and ofcourse a bodyspray
              thats bout all the stuff i use anyways a duplicate would be found on my dresser mascaras and pencils and blushes are like my thing

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                Make-up bag? Uh....sorry...dun have one

                kohal lol!

                Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!


                  heheh humsa


                    Hi Girls, Kohal I must first say that aap ney hum ko yaad kiya tha, tu hum hazir jinaab.

                    Anchal ?????Nadia????? it that u Nadia, are u now anchal, me confused!!!!! anyway love how are you????

                    Guys make up is for women, but hum ney kaab aap logoon ko manah kiya hai.
                    My make up bag is always in an easy accessible place. Jasoos u can borrow any time.

                    I know this larka and qasam sey he use to pluck his eyebrows and wear powder. And they day he never, he looked erm well..... not nice!
                    Look at film and drama actors they wear tons!!!! Its Y2K Chalta hai

                    Jasoos, That animal fats argument is old, these days all make up comapanies protest against animal testing and are free from aninmal substances.

                    Anyway Humsa you should try experimenting its GREAT yaar!!!!!!!
                    Nadia whats your secret weapon??????


             is Nadia!?!
                      eeeeeee, oh my goodness! no wonder i admired Anchal initially.....
                      well i'm surprised.



                        Hey LiL Kohal,

                        I am surprise that you didn't know that

                        It was very obvious, rather clear

                        aur -- Tum ...
                        Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay


                          no seriously ata, i didnt'. i used to think 'where did she go....?'


                            Oh, come on....

                            she had first ask to change her nick, and then she changed, and she had told here, ask her

                            It is really strange for me, if you missed it
                            aur -- Tum ...
                            Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay


                              umm like great
                              Kohal sweetie no probs btw that pic looks great

                              Nagz sugarypie just got tired of the nick

                              my secret weapon ?

                              with such limited makeup i dont have one
                              everything i use kinda holds some importance

                              but like i would say "cotton buds"