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Visiting Pakistan..what to do?

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    Visiting Pakistan..what to do?

    First of all, I want to just say hello to everyone on here. I just recently bumped into this forum and it seems like there’s quite a large active community here so I wanted to give it a shot.

    Alright so my cousin, my brother and I are visiting Pakistan next month. We’ll mostly be in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad area. But no place is out of question here. I need to know what you guys think is worthwhile doing over there. Last time I went there was 8 years ago and then I was only 13, I couldn’t have done much on my own even if I wanted to.

    So now I want to travel and actually want to have fun. What I’m asking from you guys who perhaps have visited recently or even reside in Pakistan to tell me what places I should visit. My cousin has his expectations a lil’ too high. He things we’re gonna go “clubbin” and all sorts of things. Are there even clubs in Pakistan? If so where…. Where are the local hangouts (safe ones).



    Re: Visiting Pakistan..what to do?

    So am I.

    Just ask family and friends over there, Swat and Kaghan (also Murree) are beautifull places to visit.

    Oh god I can already smell the petrol fumes at the bus stations, the bbq like smell from the tandoor ovens, scorching heat, the hot chickpea salads, the sensation of wind on my shaved head on the motorway in cousins car with Ordu music blasting out, buying cheap stuff from Sikhs in Peshawar, playing soccer on barren fields.

    Yeshhhhhhhh... :rotato: PESHWAR MORNINGS AND fresh roasted fish and sunsets IN ATTOCK where the river Kabul meets the river Indus, farn ranhc and my kuttaey here I come.

    My wedding bed err manji/charpai/palang and my Jaan-e-Mehboobi here I come (npi). :BLUSH:

    My parents are sooo leniant over there, I'm going to do aawaara gardi proper style.