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Indians get paid for sitting at home.........

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    Indians get paid for sitting at home.........

    Holidays cost India Dollar $4 billion a year

    In India there are holidays for Hindu festivals, Muslim festivals, Christian festivals, Jain festivals, Sikh festivals, Parsi festivals ,Jewish festivals and Buddhist festivals. Then there are holidays for Gandhiji, New Year, Ambedkar. It's high time India reduces the number of holidays even if it hurts the sentiments of Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Parsis.

    India’s numerous special holidays, combined with generous leave entitlements, are costing the national exchequer around $4 billion a year, Vijay Kalantri, chief of All India Association of Industries, said on Thursday.

    He warned that India could ill-afford to offer so much potential time off “at a time when there is a highly competitive global order.” The current year has 17 national holidays and 30 “restricted holidays” for certain religious groups. April has 12 holidays.

    “For the entire year, there are as many as 169 holidays including sick leave, privileged and casual leave. On an average, the loss per day is about one billion rupees,” Kalantri said.

    “Most of the time the employees get their salary for sitting at home,” he said. Kalantri said the recent 12.5 percent wage increase to government staff had been agreed without considering productivity.

    who gives a damn? i could care less


      I agree with "2Pak" !!!

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        i'm more worried about wat happening in pak