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Coup de grace: The Red Cross says it too..

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    Coup de grace: The Red Cross says it too..

    Just thought I'd share the good news with all the unoutraged..

    The Red Cross has formally confirmed what everyones been saying..there are "credible reports" of desecration of the Holy Quran..and the matter had been brought up several times with the Pentagon..

    That and Erik Saars recent interview on BBC's NEWSNIGHT ..I think settles the issue..
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    Re: Coup de grace: The Red Cross says it too..

    Zakk you make all the trouble worthwhile. How nice. Btw its strange that these incidents were not all that rare either. They happened more than once, which would explain why there was so much outrage. All the talk of the source not being reliable - I wonder who had that idea to begin with. And no wonder a lot of the Pro Muslim media didnt air the story about it being very much in doubt. You learn something new everyday. Its true.
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