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    Okay guppies, get cracking. Evaluate your IQ!!!!

    Figure this one out!
    Three guys in a hotel call room service and order two large pizzas. The
    delivery boy brings them up with a bill for exactly $30.00. Each guy
    gives him a $10.00 bill, and he leaves. That's fact!

    When he hands the $30.00 to the cashier, he is told a mistake was made.
    The bill was only $25.00, not $30.00. The cashier gives the delivery boy
    five $1.00 bills and tells him to take it back to the 3 guys who ordered
    the pizza. That's fact!

    On the way back to their room, the delivery boy has a thought....these guys
    did not give him a tip. He figures that since there is no way to split
    $5.00 evenly three ways anyhow, he will keep two dollars for himself and
    give them back three Dollars.

    OK! So far so good!

    He knocks on the door and one fellow answers. He explains about the mix-up
    in the bill, and hands the guy the three dollars, then departs with his
    two dollar tip in his pocket.

    Now the fun begins! remember $30-$25=$5 Right? $5-$3=$2 Right? So what's
    the problem? All is well, right? Not quite.

    Answer this: Each of the three guys originally gave $10.00 each. They
    each got back $1.00 in change. That means they paid $9.00 each, which
    times three is $27.00. The delivery boy kept $2.00 for a tip. $27.00
    plus 2.00 equals $29.00.

    Where the heck is that other dollar?


    it all comes out of the way of defining the problem and this difference is gonna be there forever. Total cost of the pizza is $27 (including $2tip) and NOT $25. They each got a buck back = $3. Hence 27 + 3 = 30


      Ms Naik Larki,

      Gee.. I got a 3 myself. If you try & win, you could win, maybe, a muta'ah!


        Close but no cigar! However, you win my praise for trying!


          So the prize for solving it was a cigar??
          In that case I am glad KK solved it before me.BTW Abdulmalick I think KK was right in his solution.The 3 fellows pay $30.$25 goes to pizza and $2 to the delivery boy.That's $27 and they get back the other $3.So 27+3=30.
          The problem with the trick is that it says that each guy pays $9 and in total $27 and $2 to delivery boy makes it $29.That is wrong.Because the boy's tips comes out of the $27.It cannot be added to it.It's not 27+2 but 25+2.So i guess KK can claim the cigar.


            Is that your final answer ?


              Yes I suppose it is my final answer because unless there is some sort of funny answer to this question,that has to be the right answer.If the answer is not funny than it would perhaps be just another way of looking at my solution and not a different one.
              Well,all I can do now is wait .....


                KK, Ahmed:
                I am impressed! Actually, you both are winners!

                Going out to you both are virtual praises! well Done!

                Three guys paid $10 each amounting to $30 but
                later they each got $1 back ($30 - $3 = $27) out of this $27 the pizza boy got $2 and rest of the $25 were used for the pizza.

                Instead of subtracting in the riddle, it was trying to add and that's how the error was coming up. First $3 was subtracted $30 and then $2 was added to it resulting in the $1 shortfall!

                $30 was the actual gross amount and every other amount should have been subtracted from it, which is how you two approached it!