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    british national curriculum

    though i think it belongs to C&A but i want to start it here ....!!! i don't think many ppl go there!

    khayr ....all u brits .....please enlightn me about your schooling system ....i've no idea how it goes my son (6) is in year 1.....soon to promote in year 2 inshaAllah ....n the younger one (4) will be in reception from august inshaAllah ....

    my questions:

    1.what r national tests ....n how important they are ??

    2. do the pupils get any formal assesssment (exams , tests) at the end of every year or its only at the end of a key stage..??

    3. wats the criteria of assessment in national tests or any other tests ???

    4. are all the schools instructed to test every pupil individually ....or do they have any competitions....??? so far i'm always informed about his progress but i've no idea how is he doing when compared with class mates

    5. which subjects r compulsory ....n which ones r optional KS1...??? i'm sure german isn't compulsory for brits

    6. are the optional subjects included in national tests or no ....???

    please guide me ....i'll really really appreciate it !!

    Re: british national curriculum try my best to answer your questions..however im not sure if the German national curriculum is the same as the British.

    At the end of Key Stage 1 and 2, national tests are set to check how well the children are doing in their National Curriculum attainment targets for English, Mathematics and Science. These national tests are known as SATs Standard Assessment Tests.

    SATs only show how well your child is doing in small areas of a subject on the day of the test.

    1.what r national tests ....n how important they are ??
    SAT's are compulsory a the end of key stage 1...(year 2) and at the end of key stage 2 (year 6) some schools partake in optional SAT's at the end of every year group. They are important tests, but mainly a way of checking and developing the national curriculum and a way for ensuring that schools are teaching the right kind of stuff and especially in year 6 (end of key stage 2) to take children up to a certian level. The government produces certain targets that children and schools at the end of each Key Stage are required to meet. Most teachers i know and children iv taught get very very stressed out about them. Iv personally been in a classroom in year 2 where kids were crying at the amount of pressure they were under whilst taking them. But thats not because they are so important, its because the tests are extremely difficult for children of that age...the wording and way in which a question is set make the tests difficult to take.

    2. do the pupils get any formal assesssment (exams , tests) at the end of every year or its only at the end of a key stage..??
    As far as i am aware, unless in a SAT year group the only other assessment that a children do is for school records, these are done at the end of the year to pass on to the next year groups teahcer to monitor the children's progression. I think children are mainly tested in the core subjects (Literacy, Numeracy and Science)

    5. which subjects r compulsory ....n which ones r optional KS1...???
    The only subject that is non compulsory is Religious Education, children and teachers by law have the right to refuse to partake in RE.

    The critera for the SAT's are different for each school depending on where the school is benchmarked...i dont really know much about this, but il give you a few websites to look at.

    The only subjects which are tested for the SAT's are Literacy, Numercay and Science.

    I understand, I just don't care.


      Re: british national curriculum

      thanks missy for such a detailed reply .....

      actually i want to get a full picture of the system .....n i hope ithe sites u mentioned will prove helpful

      at the moment i'm quite stressed about hassaan ....who is almost in year 2 now .....according to class teacher ....he's doing great over all ....but specially in numeracy ......
      my point of concern is literacy though was his first ever encounter with english this year ......he's super with spellings .....reading is good too .....but he isn't that good with punctuations .....n can't write very well when he's asked to write on his own . he makes gramatical mistakes ....

      i've no idea about the national tests it possible to get a copy of any previous tests .....or a sample layout i can work on that pattern with him .....???

      i don't know about the german curriculum my kids aren't in german school ....but they r learning german as an additional subject .....thats why i was asking if foreign languages r included in tests .......hassaan isn't very good at german!!

      another thing ......these tests are taken with time limits or not ...??? if yes then how much time is given for one test ....???? u see i've no idea at all .....n i'm desperate to get the info before hand !


        Re: british national curriculum

        this website is quite detailed with regards to the SAT's and theres even a few example questions.

        In most schools that i have worked in the children begin preparing for their SAT's at the begining on the school year in September. They give children quite a few example papers and i would think you could ask the class teacher for extra copies. The school shoudl provide you with copies of past papers...unfortunatley i can;t find any on the internet..sorry

        The only subjects that children are tested on are English, Maths and i doubt German would be included if they are studying at a British school.

        The tests do have a time limit, i think but im not too sure, its between 30-40 mins, however you should check this with the school first. Ask the class teacher for more information and im pretty sure the school provides parents with information regarding the SAT's once your child is in year 2.

        I wouldnt worry about Hassaan's grammer as most children in year 1 are not too good with puncuation and sentence structure. As long as he knows about capital letters and full stops and where to place them he should be ok. You can order publications free of charge (some) from the DFES website i gave you, but im not too sure if they post outside of the UK.
        I understand, I just don't care.