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Trial Marriages......;)

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    Trial Marriages......;)

    Ok Ok lemme clear it first...this is not my idea......this is Chan Ji's idea (hahaha chan ji) don't throw those anDays and TamaTars toward me.....Chan ji oos paasay beThay ne;-)

    Kher seriously....u guys discuss all kinda marriages here.....forced, arranged, love bla bla.....u never thought about a "Trial marriage"...?

    Well marriage is a very big step....a risky Gumps' box of marriage too...u don't know for sure what u gonna get.......sometimes it does happen ke u spend a lot of time wid a person or even u live wid a person for long and one day u realize, u don't know the person at all....

    So thats why we thought of this Trial marriage(Chan ji) instead of rushing in to a permanent one....why not get in to a Trial one first.....Six month trial marriage(chan ji's idea)....90 days Trial marriage(my idea....some ppl get bored more easily )

    **Pasand na aaye tou pesay wapis **

    What u say guys.....???

    PS. Chan ji kithay oo tussi??;-)

    Naik Larki

    There can be no such thing as a Trail Marriage


      Naiko, I think I am going through the same chaos right now... so no harm in testing a “trial package”. ~Six months… aaaaaghhhhhhhh.. no way, one week is more than enuff, …jumay say jumay tak.. bus
      Ok what would be asked on returning the product? [1] Not enough [2] Too much. [3] Both. ?? ~JINX, (I know what you are thinking) lol ~Let’s see what gupshupers say about this idea.

      ~By the way Naiko jee things forbidden have a secret charm

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        Hi! Hi! Hi!

        Aray, not as in Angraisee "Hello", but in Maatam walaa "Haye! Haye"!!!!

        My mother being originally from Ludhiana and Chan ji's buzurks being her neighbours there, Chan ji toa thairay mayra Bhai...

        But Veer ji, tussi ai ki sunayaa and Naik bhee shamil!!!

        Hayaa!!!! tum hee kuch karo!!

        On a serious note, Naik Larki I want to focus on your statement,

        "....some ppl get bored more easily".

        Basing on the stories my married friends relate...SADLY, you are RIGHT on the mark.

        I for one, strongly believe in the institution of marriage and preferably an arranged one...some of the older members will recall my "D8ing should be banned" thread from 1998! laugh!

        But with time, I feel, even in our Desi world, Marriage seems to be losing that luster...
        Again I think because of what you stated.

        More of us are seeking "Temporary" thrills, and/or "Expecting" the thrills to be an ongoing process,
        which we either don't realise,
        or "Don't "Want" to realise, isn't Reality....

        But instead of looking at it as, he/she doesn't interest me anymore, because that "new" chemistry is gone and should be discarded ASAP in pursuit of something "new" again,

        I wonder if we could focus on the fact that even though that "first time" charm isn't there, this is someone we have "grown" with...

        And More Importantly, would there be an end to this Pursuit of searching and searching and more searching...?

        Which brings me to this "Trial Marriage" concept...How many times...? Forever....?

        Yaani, hamesha apnay aap kao Options hee daytay rahaiN keya....?

        Although on a "Selfish" note, may be this Trial Marriage wouldn't be too bad an idea...

        Because in that case, those who are forced into marriages, which lack even a drop of "Mutual" respect and "Understanding", could come out "Without" the Kala Dhabba on their foreheads and be saved from being "Ostracized".....?

        Khair, that all in the aglay janam, iss janam meiN toa aap donoa taiyaar ho jaiiye, for some Court kacheri for introducing such a Khatarnaak concept!!! *Frown*!!!!


          raj, I would give it two weeks, really.


            In Iran there is exactly the thing Naik larki is talking about. It's called MUTWA or temporary marriage.

            Similar to dating - Iranian style.


              Mut'ah is a Islamic concept, which was only allowed in the early formative period of Islam - before the Shari'ah Of Islam reached its completion.

              It came about during the times of Jihad or Ghazwat, BUT as soon as the Shari'ah of Islam reached completion, Mut'ah was made Haram and therefore is Unlawful...


              Roman, on that note on Islam, Please don't move this thread to Religion, because I have no interest in entering that Holy section dominated by brotherly/sisterly Love and Tolerance on a Sunday...
              My sabbath is Friday..

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                ok Roman bundle up, we are leaving for Iran.


                  there was an indian movie on this subject as well. i don't remember the name of that movie though.


                    O man, I knew I immigrated to the wrong country!


                    Sure you don't want to share some of the lovable titles in Religion forum? Your loss, I guess.

                    BTW, I am only moderating Religion forum temporarily, and moving/editting/closing a thread in anyother forum is not in my (ah, limited) powers.



                      Roman bhai aap bhee bach kar aagaya may
                      kia saaray Taalay bikk gayay

                      kia wo Tarak guzar gayay
                      kia wo sarak hoi.......


                        Time is very important to I'm not getting any younger so I'll go with atleast four packages running parallel to each other. I don't care if all four fail (keeping my fingers crosse), or my four have their own four going on at the same time...Its the fission/fussion flow chart which should look impressive. This approach could lead to chaos...but I can live with it for suggested duration of time.
                        Anyhooo, if at the end of the deal someone likes me I'm willing to extend the package till she actually finds out about real me....I'm sure till then I'll get more coupons for girls from different religions and backgrounds.




                          Hi and laugh!!

                          I think I'll take a rain check on that.
                          However, I would like to feed BoSS to the brothers and sisters of Islam, for his statement,

                          "...or my four have their own four going on at the same time..."

                          Lagta hai, ye kisi Women's Lib Organisation kay devoted member ban gaye haiN!!


                            ooops, BBQ


                              Dehatan ji,

                              I find BoSS' statement perfectly conforming to Islamic principles and completely agree with you that he should be fed to the brothers (we have such brothers in Religion forum). Fed real tight, I may add.

                              I can visualize a fission/fusion chart forming right now, as a matter of fact.