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Children - Treat Your Parents Well!

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    Children - Treat Your Parents Well!

    I know whatever I may have achieved is due to the fact that my father was willing to put up the air fare that would bring me to the United States. Had that not happened - my life would have turned out completely different!

    I often remember the simple & frugal life my parents lead but ensured that our education and other needs took priority. I remember my mother helping me with my homework and instilling values that has and will serve me well. Thank you - mom and dad; I'll always love you!

    I recently read an exceprt from the biography of a popular actress, Patricia Hayes. To crown her distinguiashed career, her services to the British theatre were rewarded when Queen bestowed on her the O.B.E.

    After ceremony when photos were being taken in the courtyard of the Palace, a man approached Patricia and said:
    "I am delighted to see you win this very deserved award. You must be extremely proud?"

    "I am extremely proud," came the prompt reply, "but it is not I who should be receiving it. The person who should have had this award is my FATHER, George Fredrick Hayes, who spent all his life enduring a really boring job, in order that I should be able to have my career. A fine tribute to a loving father from a loving daughter.

    Do we remember how our own parents slogged in life so that we can have a better life?

    We should think about it.
    I know a lot of us do think about them frequently.

    Know what's weird though? If i'm out of the house, then they hardly stay in my mind. You know, friends & studies are preoccupied in your mind. Just when you're in the another story.

    Though, there's this doing: Faith is present through actions. Yikes, sometimes i worry: seems i have the faith of loving them and stuff; but, i WANT to think i have the actions for it.
    Frnakly, i don't think our actions can ever EVER match to the infinite things for what they've done for us.