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F*R*I*E*N*D*S, I'm leaving.....

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    F*R*I*E*N*D*S, I'm leaving.....

    Hey guys! I’m leaving so say “Thanx” to me.

    I feel like that I've been travelling in Khyber-mail, sitting in economy class (the best place to make friends), from Peshawar and it stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere and I made lot of friends and off-course foes as well. Now I’ve reached my destination and getting off the train though don’t want to.

    I,however, From fights to friendships and to fights again, enjoyed every bit of it.

    Moving finger writes, having writ,
    moves on, not all your piety nor wit,
    shall lure it back to cancel half a line.
    Nor all your tears washout a word of it.
    (Omar Khayyam)
    Even then, I really, deeply, terribly am apologetic, if I ever insulted, being despising or rude to anybody, intentionally or unintentionally, during all these chats n discussions, and hope that everybody ‘ll forgive me considering it an act from a “FLAWED PERSON”.

    And I am thankful to the people who raised finger at me, pointed out my mistakes which helped me a lot and am trying to be a better person, thanks a lot.

    Keep the good things going and if u ever come to my country and feel lost in Khi. (the melting pot) then call......EDHI Helpline .... but if u wanna hang around then give me a shout at

    http://[email protected].
    (No naughty mails please)

    Love you all...and...Tumhay bhee....sunaaa tumnay?

    Be sanguine,


    As much as I didn't want to be the first to post a reply to your good-bye message . . . time constraints mujhey majboor kar raheen hain.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you openly and publicly for all the times that you have attacked me, directly and indirectly, in the forum and on e-mail. Your messages forced me to reflect. They made it impossible for me to ignore certain critical issues that, when combined, form a "whole" individual.

    Your criticisms on every aspect of my personality taught me restraint. I've developed more willpower in dealing with you than I ever did during any month of Ramzaan I've so far experienced. You taught me the difference between getting angry at an issue and becoming frustrated with a person.

    I don't regret anything that I've ever said to you, but I do apologize for hurting your feelings if and when I did.

    Parting words . . .
    I vow never to learn the lesson of hate you tried to teach me. Even if it means carrying grief for the rest of my life. I'll bear that cross sooner than I'll hate anyone.

    Take care and
    take it any way you can get it . . . (**mazzakh hai, don't freak out!**)

    With sincere wishes for health, prosperity and above all wisdom,
    The Witch


      Itnee aasani say to main bhee nahin jaaoonga, larki.

      .....Thanx for the sincere wishes and now u can call me Mohd. ramazan or Rumzoo!. Btw, if u could have done the fastings esp. in summers. then u wud have got the will power, to deal with me or anything,

      Attacks- I will always have the scars of the wounds given by u when I made the mistake of attacking you.

      Hurting me- How can I forgive that.....nahin, nahin...wurnaa tum chaen say murr jaa-o gee, jo main "nahin" chahtaa.

      Lesson of hate- u have to hate HATRED in any form, this is what I say and convey.

      Now I want to say thanx to you for tolerating me and giving me the "witchcrafty" spells, I needed.

      Aur tumhaaray Mazaaq ko mainay seriously lay liyaaa hai, ubb bughto.

      Btw, who you got as a screen saver? Just asking, daantnaa nahin.


        My screen-saver . . .

        The Grim Reaper


          Hey Hey Hey...where do u think you are going man!!! Mujhay akaila hi humam mein chor kur

          Man you can access internet from Karachi too....don't leave moi alone bud...I'm already living in a solitude. kya ab akaila hi flirt kuroon ga.....lekin mushwaray kis say loon ga??

          Anyway hope you have a wonderful life a head of you and "keep the faith!!!"

          Try to keep in touch,
          Take care


            Muzna! Grim Reaper......Hmmmmm....Achcha? which one...1,2,....stuck...? I've got more or less the same i.e. Brain-Teaser with a *ShySmile*, I probably am beyond 16~30 group.

            Btw, when did I send a mail to you? I can't recall neither I've got your reply.
            saraasur "ILZAAM". Ciao

            Yaar, Nahaatay, nahaatay khayaal aaya kay ..........gutter bund ho jaayay gaaa, so had to stop.

            Access from Khi.-: To access from Khi. I've gotta have Comp. and Net access and for this I've gotta have +Rs.60k and .......... kaakay meray "piyo" kay "podinay kay khaith" nahin hain and even if I ever 've this amount, I'll prefer to go to Papua new guinea n stay a week or two with Cannibals over there, never tried Insaan ka Gosht before and above all...... Unko Lahoo pinaa sikhaana hai, they say I'm an expert.

            iskaa Jo mazaa PK. main hai woh kahin nahin......thori poondi..thora Flirt.

            O-yaar, Faarsi main Shaa-ir ki zabaani..

            "Poliyay Mujh-jay Tu kee jaanay Anarkalian di shaanan"

            Chalo yaar we'll meet sometime, somewhere round the corner or girl's college...small world.

            For mushwaray call me and have u still got the same e-mail or different?

            Take well care of "The gang".

            Stay cooooool,



              Perhaps I was mistaken. You probably didn't send any mail (i.e. e-mail) to me . .it must have been somebody else and I was confused. It's funny though that you would be looking for a reply to an e-mail that you claim never to have sent.

              Sorry for the insinuation. For the record, I stand corrected.


                Girls colleges .... kam az kam itna to na giro. I know that we are not gonna see you again ..... because I will be disappearing from the WEB very soon as well .... I am moving to Africa somewhere for few years .... not decided the destination magar rukhsatee ka perwana kisi waqt bhee aa sakta hay .... to main yeh keh raha tha ...... jatay hoay peechay murd ker matt daikhna albatta ..... mauqa-ba-mauqa deedar karwanay main koee harj nahee. I mean to say you can come up once a month or so .... at least you should have a friend in Karachi having Internet access. You are not going to Central Africal Republic (CAR) where people dont even know what is computer, yanee agar aap loge agar mujhay dobara naa daikhain to aap ko pata hona chahyay keh main kahan gayya hoon.

                Anyway best wishes from me for yer future. Aur girls colleges kay bahir ziada matt khaday hona rang kala ho ja-ay ga ....
                aur Sri-Lankan lagnay lago gay ... aur tumhain pata hay Pakistani larkiaan sri-lankan ladkoon say waisay bhee shadi kar passand nahee karteen .... kanwaray he reh jao gay.

                ba'at bauhat lambee ho gaee .... Acha ... take care then mate .. bye bye




                  HI KALEEM !

                  WHERE the hell are you going man . it's not a train it's like a virtual city or town to be more precise where every one likes you . you can come back any time so why are you going . we will be missing you . imea it

                  take care in all matters

                  we wil be missing your "cheers"



                    Muzna-G-: Eik toa aap ko hur baat khul kur bayaan kurni hoti hai. Let me rephrase "If I ever sent u a mail then there shud be a reply but there is no reply from u in my box to remind me that I sent u a mail.

                    Insinuation-:aap ki "insinuation" say mujhay bohut dukh pohunchaa lekin main yeh dukh jhail loonga, yeh sumujh kay, kay aap ko shayad iss say raahut milay aur aap ko upni kamyaabi kaa ehsaas hojay.(something like that)
                    So cruel of u Muzna, I wud never be happy in others miseries. Lot ot learn about "Restraints"
                    Never bothered,

                    I'm already living in abyssal depths, can't go further down.
                    And dost I'm in a proffession where I've gotta be away for months, scouring around. Its dificult to be in touch and waisay bhee buqoal shukh-say,

                    "Fursut kissay ronay kee, daur-e-bahaar main"

                    Life 'll go on, buddy with or without me.

                    Going CAR, its good to hear and there you'll have lot of DEMAND "undhoan main Kaanaa RAJA", isn't it.
                    But I tell u, I haven't seen beauty like Naomi campbell in any WHITE. and my weakness is Dusky complexion and S'Lankan...... u know what I mean. And on top I'm thinking of buying XJS then even "you" 'll marry yaar.
                    Btw, I've got "fair n lovely" i.e. rung goraa kurnay ki cream.

                    Shezi- There are lot u find around to spread "Cheers" and thanx for the complements but just talk about yourself whether u like me or miss me or not, forget about the rest.
                    You are not a GAY are u??? suspicion...
                    3 Cheers,


                      OAY! LANTI
                      WELL IAM NOT A GAY AT ALL BUT I WOULD N'T MIND TO SCREW YOU !!!!!!!


                      YOU KNOW WHO