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something before marriage

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    something before marriage

    salam 2u all peple
    well u ppl have been taking about arrange marrigaes, love ones, trial marriages, right

    but what u ppl 've not discussed SEX before marriage

    I think it is very crutial and very vital that a to-be-husband and a to-be-wife sees each other's body ( nude that is )so that they don'tr 've to regraet afertwards !

    could u imagine sees some ugly, yukky, and chocolatey kinnnda body, man I would faint !

    Originally posted by cybertalha:
    could u imagine sees some ugly, yukky, and chocolatey kinnnda body, man I would faint !
    so dont look at yourself in the mirror. P


      I think people who have not been married or never had sex in their life
      see the sex part of the life as the most important one.
      Sex is a important part of good relation but not the most important one.

      I have seen lot of posts here about how beautiful a partner must
      be or about being in love in somebody you just
      have seen or this one about the importance of sex before marriage or to see each other naked……..

      To have or not to have sex before marriage is something, which must
      be “decided” by both partners. If both of you want to have sex, so go ahead, why not?
      (I am not religious)

      Cybertalha: Don’t you think it is more vital and crucial to know who your partner is?
      My partner will be the best friend I can have. She will
      be somebody who I can talk to and share all my secrets, a real best
      friend. Somebody who I can truest and somebody
      I know will stay with me when I need her, somebody who can give me security.

      I don’t care if she is old or young, ugly or beautiful because
      she will be my best friend and partner, I will be her best friend and will be there
      for her when she needs me

      Friendship is the most important thing in a relation,
      without friendship it is just a matter of time before you go
      different ways (you can live together without having anything
      common, as many people do)

      [This message has been edited by Imran A Bukhari (edited April 13, 2000).]