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    We all talk a lot

    Salams all,
    When I joined this site, I made up my mind of posting minimum possible topics, but it seems that I'm gonna have to break a few rules of me own.
    Read this carefully, WHAT kind of a person can withstand INSULTS to their faith and let it go unheard. I know, only beasts can, and I even doubt that. Take a look at yourself all of you. You go and talk of every single thing. From poets to politics, from decent girls to rough sex, even breaking up provinces. But a guy around here is talking **** about ISLAM and no one takes notice. Once we start a talk about fashion, every one shows up. But there is someone kicking up our asses and we dont show no damn interest. I dont quite understand as to how I am supposed to take guidence from all you adults while only a kid is standing alone, doing all he can to clear someones concept. God help you all.
    I dont think you'll be hearing from me much now, which is I'm sure a sigh of relief for a lot of people here. Gotta run but I'm not quite sure where to, when there is not much difference left between your own people and someone who is not quite your own. Now I understand what JM Khan meant when he said that truth hurts. It does'nt hurt, it sucks.

    Your post is a little incomprehensible. I assume your writing in anger which is never a good time to write.

    Who exactly are you refering to ? Please be specific. I'll make an assumption that your refering to Superman's post regarding the prophets marriage to Aishah.

    Sometimes it takes time and hence patience to investigate an issue. I have since provided a URL where interested individuals can find more info on the subject.

    On any discussion forum you will find people who disagree with you sometimes strongly that is the nature of life. We are all different in some way.

    Farouq Taj.


      enterprise bro

      On topics that I dont have a command over I let other ppl handle it and learn. My background in some historical accounts is rather weak so I dont want to provide false info. If the replies are from people who know what they are talking about its better and we all learn. Plus sometimes one does not see where the point was brought up e.g the topic cpould be on fashion and someone brings islam into it and someone brings a bad attitude to it, if I look at the topic of the discussion I have no idea thats whats goign on in their
      us desis have a habit of going on all tangents.
      In future if there is someone sayin crap, lemme know i have a good idea of how to question em folks.

      here's alil joke for u btw

      A hindu guy was arguing relentlesslly in one of my classes in undergrad that islam is more oppressive on women than hinduism cuz men are allowed to marry 4 wives and the whole votre deal it was then that i reminded the class that in hinduism women have so many rights.. but they just kinda oficially are supposed to be burnt alive once their husband has kicked the bucket. All we got from him was silence after that.

      Best way to shut these ppl is to answer them so they cant say crap
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        be spacific bro

        who are you refering to ??? please let us know
        is that superman

        what about farooq? and his sites does n't those sites sux? as well
        please give us a clue

        cool down cool down