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    This is a good time to start building a hopefull Pakistan where we and everyone could stay in peace and calm.

    Lets make Pakistan a country of paradise.

    Do whatever positive you can instead of wasting more time in chit-chat. To contribute your part, take responsibility of educating a poor and marrying an orphan.

    This is the time to do something practical. Please consider it....



    azim thats really nice pal but may be most of us out here can n't doing much about it at the moment or have you got any other suggestion
    keep it man iam impressed to see that at least there is some one else who wants to do some thing for the country instead of just blaming it

    see ya


      Aazim good point

      I have been thinking what we can do from here as a group. There are a few ideas I wanted to bring up.

      We can do one tiny thing.. and that is nytime we see anything printed in the media about Pakistan that is incorrect, we write letters to protest it.. a minor thing but atleast it is something.

      We can talk to local papers and see if they would let us write an article about Kashmir and its history, which most ppl are not aware of.

      Jewish Organizations even buy full page ads in the papers to write what they want to get across to the readers. A fund could eb established that can do the same, targetting major papers like NY times, LA times, Chicago Tribune and Washington Post etc. maybe we can get the ball rolling on it and get the Pakistani Organizations in those areas involved in it somehow. whatcha say mon ami?

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        You start it up and I'll follow you, honestly like the lemmings.


          The best thing in my opinion some one wud do is after completing education here, go back home and stay there to help with the productivity in the real world. I mean the working fields etc Anyway, that's what I intend on doing, decision is urs u all out there.
          Also if one can spare only $50 (in my opinion) per month and send it back home to support just one needy family, I think that'd
          be just great. Of course the $ amount can be highered a lil'-- cuz I'm sure there are lots out there willing to give more Right?
          Even taking the responsibility of educating one child back home is a great task. Its not even too much $$$ Well c'mon I mean. I'm sure we can spare atleast some $$$ that we probably spend on buying junk food, or thehe going to theme parks etc,etc, etc. Think how much one can acomplish if all that $$$ is spent on some living soul rather spending it to satisfy our worthless desires. (HEY! I'm not implying u can't have life okay! Have life, but spare some money and share a bit )


            Fraudia Saab,

            Your suggestions are very sound. I live in
            Harrisburg PA and we have a very active group that does just what you are talking about. We do media monitoring, host teach -ins on Islam, Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world. This year we plan to invite the elected officials in our area to a dinner to talk to them about ourselves. We regulary raise funds for local charities, maintain media contact, represent ourselves as Muslims/Pakistanis in the local social groups such as the interfaith peace links, foreign policy assocation etc.
            I think yours is a great idea.

            Good luck.


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              Antidote! I can't deny the power and effectiveness of media esp. e-media and yanks are exploiting it to its extent.

              As far as Islam is concerned, I agree, that we've got to take full use of the media in preaching, teaching and condemning and I, myself, try to do this by using "letters to editor" at its fullest.

              I'm just wondering, when it comes to Pak. isn't it better to be there in Pak. and work for the nation, wudn't it be a more pragmatic approach?

              Well, I reckon Pakistani people needs examples to follow esp. common people, not words 'cause it sounds "Kitaabi" to them.

              So dear Friend, we've got to start from the scratch.......infact, just have to START, need a spark, thats it.




                Please keep me informed of your events, I finished at Temple and am now in Ohio, but thats not too far. i wiuld like to work with you guys on whatever I can.


                I went back to pakistan to help set up the World Trade Center their, as I was working with WTC in USA at that time. Spent a considerable amount of energy pro-bono just to help the guys, facing useless rhetoric and lame work methodologies that always kill productivity. I continued my involvement even when i left by doing some studies for them. However.. the organization still "reports no services being offered" according the Headquarters.

                As far as living their goes at the moment, i dunno, my family is not interested in getting me kidnapped again

                same goes for my Uncle who left US and was in Pak for a decade started up his own hospital and then got kidnapped for some senseless amount of money.

                I dunno, kinda tough call.. no pun intended.

                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Dear Fraudiay,
                  Always look unto the darker side honaa aakhir "Fruadiyay".
                  Next time I'll kidnap u and won't ask for hefty amount, just Rs.5 millions and 50/50 b/w u n me. I'll take 10% commision out of your 50%, aakhir Pakistani hoon.

                  On the serious note Fraudiyay, I am sick n tired of these kind of flimsy excuses, the criminal activities in USA r worst. You may be kidnapped ove there for a ransom of $100G but u'll be haapy to pay that and rest of the crime scene is not hiddenas well...u know.

                  And isn't it cruel that u runaway from these kind of trivial things which u even have to counter in states as well. I think if u can't stand these minor incidents then how u r gonna face the harsh realities of the life which may be on the next corner bud, u never know.

                  With ref. to "Automatic" -: Thanx automatically but there are lot of people agree with each other and esp. on state of affairs in Pakistan virtuaaly everybody agree but nobody plays their part to do something, isn't it. have u??

                  Bhookh luggee hai,


                    KK kakay

                    If I had always looked at the darker side I would not have gone to Pak in the first place

                    As far as doing somthing on my part, i would say yeah, i have done some, clearly not enough, and need to do more. That is the reason that I am here. Last few years between fulltime jobs and MBA plus My league team.. which paid me too, I did not have a great deal of time an energy to spend on some constructive work Thats why I am here, to learn and know ahst going on, not to reinvent the wheel and get involved ina group that is actively doing something. There is strngth i numbers, i dunn hafta tell u the story of the sons of the old guy trying to break the bunch of sticks vs one stick.

                    I am looking for a group or a cause that I can get involved in back in Pakistan I was among the group that got Pakistan the first blood screening equipment for AIDS check in blood samples b4 they are given to patients. offcourse at that time no one thought we needed it , but now we know it was needed :0 still at Dow Medical College, and still in use. That was when I was not even in DMC

                    Kher kakay tell me if there is something that needs ppl and what I can do for it

                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.