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Whatever happened to Imran Khan?

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    Whatever happened to Imran Khan?

    Where is he? I never hear anything bout him or what he is doing? I actually liked the lad. anyone with any news bout him?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

    I haven't heard of him lately, but there is one thng that puzzles me though. Do you all really think that he is the biological father of the child in the UK who's mother claims as such. I've seen the kids photo in the paper and am very much intrigued by the resemblence between Imran and the kid. But on the other hand its real hard to believe that he'd do such a thing.


      how is it hard to believe such a thing?
      i believe that its true.
      Oh Imran is currently lying low, trying to be a really good guy, making you all miss him.


        Imran is busy challenging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with various accusations.

        He has made some statement to the effect that he'll raise some ludicrous sum of funds for the nation provided PM saheb meets certain pre-determined qualifiying factors.

        Anyone got details?


          Here are the details of Imrans demands:


          June 7, 1998

          My dear Prime Minister

          As one of the most successful fund-raisers of Pakistan, I am offering my services to the nation in the present crisis. Having
          raised money for the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital from Pakistanis at home and abroad, I know what the potential of a
          properly run fund-raising campaign for the sake of the country can be. If Pakistanis can give money for the poor cancer
          patients, they will certainly make far greater sacrifices for their beloved motherland at this critical juncture in our history.

          My decade of fund raising experience is that three conditions have to exist for success: Credibility, integrity and personal
          contribution. Before I started on my mission to ask people for money for the cancer hospital, I gave Rupees one and a half
          crore of my money and assets which I had earned and saved into the account.

          Mr. Prime Minister:

          1) Will you give up all your perks and privileges and live and work like a leader of a poor nation?

          2) From the funds raised, will you provide 5 million jobs to unemployed youth and set up an Awami Bank to provide credit only
          to the poor?

          3) Will you set up an independent Ehtesab Bureau, headed by people of impeccable integrity to conduct swift, impartial and
          non-partisan accountability?

          4) Will you immediately disclose the total amount of loans you and your family have taken from banks, how much have
          youre-scheduled and when?

          5) Will you give a year-wise total global income and wealth statement of your entire family since 1979 and donate 25% of your
          wealth to the nation?

          6) Are you willing to prosecute forthwith "wilful" loan defaulters regardless of party affiliations, biradari etc?

          7) Will you immediately implement the existing land reforms, break the jagirdari system and introduce a federal tax on all income
          regardless of source?

          8) Will you provide an audited account of all the money your government has received under the "Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro"

          9) Will you carry out reforms immediately in the police, judiciary, and local governments to empower the people, provide them
          speedy, cheap and impartial justice?

          10) Will you and your family donate your Raiwind estate and Palaces to the people?

          11) Will you impose an Education Emergency?

          If you do all this, I guarantee that I will work day and night to collect $1.5 billion in six months from the people of Pakistan.

          This is Imran Khan's promise to the nation and challenge to Nawaz Sharif.

          Imran Khan


            thanx folks, now I know more. As far as Imran being that kids pops, whatever happened to the DNA testing?
            Personally i dunn equate his personal character being important in the issue of him being a leader.. I mean I would be concerned, but given the fact that all politicians in pak have some skeletons in their closets, its just fair to have em al accountable for their actions.
            I am not an Imran fan or foe, niether a sharif fan or foe. i just hate the bhutto family thats my political stance

            anyways, I had a question. Lets say Imran Khan was that kids father.. and thus he committed a sin, at which all the politicians in pakistan had a field day.... Now...all the lives that were lost due to actions by these politicians, are they not committing a sin too.
            I am not the one to point fingers, I just thing that if true Imran's alleged "sin" was more tabloid news worthy than the "sins" of others cuz they were not having kids outta wedlock but just getting ppl killed, robbed and taking money from the national treasury.. and we are used to "that" kinda "sins' in the last 50 years. any comments?
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.