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Shall a man cry?

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    Shall a man cry?

    There is a general conception in our culture & society that the man never cries.

    Why? Is it because ours is pre-dominantly a men's society?

    Where it came from? I don't know.

    Why the man has to be strong or pretend to be strong all the time while he is being killed slowly by stress?

    Speaking of myself. Yes, I want to cry when things gets tougher and I know I can't take it anymore.

    Its not because I give up. Simply because I'm a human being and sometimes its good to give up temporarily to get new strength.

    Most men in my country are facing this dilemma but I guess its one of the cons of the men dominant society.

    If crying helps you express your emotions then go ahead cry your eyes out..and fikar not! I don't see why anyone would suppress their feelings just for our @#@ society. As long as you r not crying after watching Titanic..u r ok ;-)



      A life without compassion and empathy is no life.
      Why should I stop the tears when they can help me feel better.

      Koch logon ki taqdir me dosron ki yaadain hain, anson hain
      aur gham hai:


      Ati hai teri yaad har lamha bar bar
      Hotin hain sorkh ankhain namnak bar bar

      Imran tera nasib teri taqdir hi zar zar
      Ashk bhari ankhon ko chupane me kia vaqar

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        WAH , WAH , WAH ...

        I think guys are like that, they just dont cry
        as often as women. I dont think i have ever
        cried (since childhood) but that doesn't mean
        i was trying to stop myself. It's just that
        i never felt like crying.


          Go ahead if you feel like crying then let all the tears out. Sometimes it's better to let it all out which is bothering you from inside. I don't think that if guys cry it makes them any less of a human being. I think guys have as much emotions as us girls. And it's only natural that a person express their emotions at the time when they are feeling them. Need a hankie?


            Theres no shame in crying,...if anything it helps clear the system. Oh yeh as R.E.M said 'Everybody Hurts Some Time'..So why not cry? Theres no crime in doing so...


              Accha Imran bhai, tu abhi tak roh raha hai?
              kahan gahyab hai? rona dhona chorr gupastic ho ja aur gup shup laga.


                My ex made me cry

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                  there is no harm in crying but crying too often is a sign of weakness.


                    okay, i am going to say 1 weeeeak argument about men crying:

                    Hook me up!!! with a guy who cries...
                    cuz that is sooooo cute!!
                    comeon, i know i'm speaking for some ladies out there. Sensitive guys are hard to come by --->,which is why you grab 'em as soon as you can. or try to at least.

                    and anyways, it makes me sick on how some girls are stupid enough to cry so much. <<ie ME!!!!!>>. So for once, i'd like to see a guy who'd do the that i could re-concile myself that they can go through as much damn emotional turbulences.

                    i'm broke even though i sold secret fantasies


                      mmmmm I think individually - you should express your emotions as you want.....if crying makes you feel better - go ahead and take it all out...

                      But as far as a man crying in a relationship - my other half is really soft...very gentle....and cries when we argue and stuff and that get's annoying sometimes.....

                      If men know that their tears melt their girlfriend then they will turn the taps on all the time and in return the girl get's fed up and says ''give it up''.....

                      Men do cry but I also think that they take advantage of the fact that them crying will get them out of some kind of trouble with a loved one.
                      I remember when my other half first cried ....... I was gobsmacked and I felt so mean that how could I bring a man - a big strong man to tears......

                      There should be a balance....

                      Girsl usually know if his tears are genuine or magar much ke ansoo !!




                        anyone with some feeling will cry..yes this is the samja ya samjee..

                        dil..dilseee..dil to akhir dil hai na


                          >> Hook me up!!! with a guy who cries...

                          Kohal, want my number? ;-) (j/k)