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These Arabs are a crazy bunch ............

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    These Arabs are a crazy bunch ............

    Marwaris... Maharashtrians.... Tamils! This appeared in THE NEWS newspaper. How can Arabs do such a thing !!

    Friends and foes

    Zubair Sarwar

    A couple of weeks back, I paid a visit to the land endowed with the wealth of oil. I was taken aback at how their thinking has changed with the profusion of wealth derived from the black gold.

    The basic concept of being an Islamic state is rapidly fading away and is being replaced by a cosmopolitan way of living in the UAE. They emulate the West in every way. Pakistanis are now looked down upon, in each and every department. A handful of Pakistanis might be seen doing white-collar jobs while the majority have unskilled jobs. It does not mean that they are devoid of requisite skills and abilities, but the bias of our so-called Muslim brothers is irksome and worth condemning.

    Local Arabs prefer recruiting Indians. The Indians holding executive positions detest Pakistanis and favour Marwaris, Maharashtrians, Tamils and other Indians. If your visit any restaurant, hotel or office, you will find these places swarming with them.

    Pakistan, on the other hand, has always helped the Arabs whenever they have been in trouble. Their foes are our foes but our foes are their friends. We have been providing them military support and without our help, their state would have not been very different from that of Kuwait and Iraq.


    He..he..he. Pakistanis are sad.


      What happened to the 'Khoon ka Rishta' between Arabs and Pakistanis? After all most Pakistanis trace their ancestry and linkage to Arabs and Persians and not to Indians.


        Pakistanis may prefer to trace their ancestry to Arabs, but we are really not Arabs! Pakistani and Indian Muslims have basically the same ethnic backgrounds as the different Indian Hindu groups. The difference is that we converted. There is some Arab and Persian blood, but not much. That is also easy to see by just looking.

        I have also heard that things are not good for Pakistanis in the Emirates. The ticket to success is a green card from the US, then you are treated well and given respect. Kind of pathetic.



          The GC process is not that easy any more. Just ask many of the Indian software Engineer who have been waiting for 4+ years to get their GC. Even Trovalds (founder of Linux O/S) is waiting in the line.


            All the Arab countries are same either ways.
            I lived in Saudi Arabia for 12 years.
            Let me tell you some reality of Saudi Arabia :

            I remember once I was going to my friends house. As i was crossing the street a police car, which is called a "MAroor" or "shurta" stopped me. They asked for my Iqama. I told them i was only 16(too young to have an iqama) and that my dad has it, not me. At this, one of them(some how got angry) got out and pushed me towards the hood of that car. I didn't know what was happening. He started searching my shirt, then my pants. He searched my wallet, took my money. Now again he started searching my pockets. But this time he was moving his hands in a very weird way, touching my hips and moving it around....
            I didn't no what to do but i realised that he was doing SOMETHING bad! I pushed him back, as hard as i could and i just ran and took shelter in a building. I didn't turn back to see if they were chasing me or not, i only heard them laughing. I didn't tell my mom and dad. I was too scared.
            That was the first encounter.

            Now this time i was 17 and i was offering dorrood & salam in Madina Shareef where the Prophet Mo.(PBUH) is burried. The place was totally jam packed. I was there reading Dorood shareed when I felt a hand move around my back. I turned and i saw this guy who gave me an innocent look. I started reading. Again i felt his hand and this time he was trying to push his finger in my ***. I was 17 and i was strong enough to kill him. I will never forget this, Without turing back i simply kicked his dick with full might. All i heard was "uughhhf.."

            Last year :
            It was time for Zuher prayer. I was driving to Mosque. There is a high school(boys) "madrasa usman bin affan" near our house. As i passed that school i noticed something. Three girls running for safety, followed by six cars full of ugly looking saudi guys. They were throwing papers on girls, making stupid faces, one of them threw some water on them, blowing whisles..all this was happening in front of the mosque. Finally they went inside a building and the whole madness was over.I felt really bad for those girls.

            Saudi Guys are so deperate. They will do anything for sex. They don't care if its a guy they are going to have with.

            When i came back to canada, after those years living in saudia, I found the same old freedom, safety and respect!
            Now the quesion is where are these in our Muslim countries ? Which Islam country guarentees your and ur rights ?


            One more thing : I am not the only one who witnessed all this.


              Sad but true. The so-called Islamic countries are really giving a bad name to Islam. These Arabs have gone crazy over the West and they really put down Pakistanis.
              Infact at the time of creation of Pakistan, the "Muslim Ummah" refused to help Pakistan financially that's why Pakistan had to turn to the superpower i.e. USA for help. If only the Muslim countries of that time had helped Pakistan initially, it would've been a different story now.

              Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!


                I am heard the stories of Rich Arabic woman also, as some of my friends have experienced and initially I didnt beleive but the person was so honest and I had to beleive him.

                I think those Arabs who are baddus are like this and enormous wealth coming to them without any work have made their minds like firauns and so they are behaving like this, but sooner they will see the problem

                Syed Anwer Ali
                --eager to learn---


                  I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for a long time. Yes they recruit Indians. When I asked a few Saudis why did they prefer Indians to Pakistanis, they gave me two main reasons:

                  Indians are very subservient and will always do as they are told.

                  Non muslim Indians don't go for five times prayer a day and do not want to go for umrah every weekend.



                    Seems like you had a great experience of muslim brotherhood


                      YES BROTHER Eli I AGREE WITH YOU
                      ITNA WRITE KI ZAROORAT NAHI THI.....

                      Live From- Dayara-e-Ghair


                        Dear Garama Masale, Your experiences and encounters with a few sexually frustrated Saudi men are really sad. The whole country is a hellhole. I am sure there are many nice Saudi citizens, but the environment is so filthy and disgusting that it produces monsters like the ones you encountered.

                        It is lack of choices, extremely bad public policy, an uneducated and dictatorial monarchy, and to top it off a religious junkyard.

                        In my opinion, there is no place nastier than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on this planet. They talk about prohibitions and stuff, but a few of my Saudi Clients come to NY and drink like fish. They even told me that there is no lack of Alcohol and Hookers should you want. A trip across the gulf to Bahrain, they load their trunks with Scotch, and come back.

                        I was also told that Pakistanis are not treated there with respect. Whites are worshiped and if you are a Pakistani with either UK or US citizenship, you are respected a little more, but still not as much as a white person. I once had to go to Saudi Embassy for some stuff, and I was made to wait by a low level Saudi Clerk, who called the First Secretary on the phone (he didn’t know that I knew some basic Arabic to make sense of what he said). He referred to me as a Bakistanee Rafiq, etc. I could tell by his tone that he thought that I was one of the servants of the Embassy senior staff. I took out my handy, and called back my office and told them that “these Saudis are ****ing Assholes” and that I was only going to wait for the FS for 5 more minutes and then the reception clerk looked at me in a big surprise. I was so happy to do that to him.

                        I don’t blame the people of Saudi Arabia, but the whole environment that has been created by a deadly mix of religion and lack of basic education.


                          The biggest joke is prohibition and burqua. Saudi Arabia spend millions of dollars to build a bridge to Bahrain for liquor and sex. Most of the Saudis go to Bahrain , drink bottles of liquor. Immediately when the car reaches Bahrain from Saudi all Burqua clad Saudi women throw off their burquas in the car trunck and are in mini-skirts. After all the mast they put their burquas and get back to the HOLY LAND.

                          When these Arabs visit US you will find them gambling in Las Vegas, watching pornographic films and drinking gallons of liquor.


                            In short the concept of islamic state is a big Joke!

                            [This message has been edited by Eli (edited March 30, 2000).]


                              you people are just talking about the saudis yes there are bad people too but there are nicer ones too.And upto my experience they are much better than we the Pakistanis.
                              I've been living here for 18 yrs now, actually I am brought up in this land since I was a few months old.
                              I think you people are just going crazy.
                              Yes there are bad people here too.I have been offended a few times in my life
                              once here in Kingdom and twice in my Pakland.So whats the difference it happens all over the world.The saudi people are humans too.They are just like people from other countries.
                              You are talking about saudi guys chasing the some girls! oh ya so what about we the pakistanis! Don't pakistanis do such things.I saw pakistani boys doing this infront of school. Sir you were talking about saudi guys doing this infront of Masjideusman tell me what do pakistani boys of PAKISTANI schools do here? Don't they stand at the corner just for nazar garmana,haven't you seen them hooting at girls.Havent you seen the girls at the gate doingg....
                              Well last week there was a party at the corniche.Some families (Paki) were there and 10 paki boys came there and atarted hooting.
                              They tried and even toucheed the girls at..
                              Then there was a big fight between the bhais baaps and those rascals.This fight ended up injuring them all and taking them to police.Yes they were all pakistanis.
                              You were talking about girls in mini skirts cut it out yaar I have seen pak girls in mini skirts in Jinnah Park I have witnessed girls in micro skirts of leather and shorts and some extra shorts at clifton.
                              So what if saudi girls are doing this.
                              Their merit is far low.
                              A year back a boy of our senior batch was caught with a girl (both of our college)
                              having some fun.Later on that girl became pregnant and they had to leave the Kingdom.
                              You are talikng about police of KSA.
                              Atlast you have a fair amount of chance of getting justice from saudi police department
                              but what about pak police.I hope that you have heard the case of 3 girls and pak police.They went to the police as some guy was after them but what police did to them.
                              You want to know-- our pak officers took them in a separate room, raped them, they were made to dance in police station naked and our officers took their photographs and much more.
                              And a lot more.(what about our pak players involved in such member of our under 19 team named zeeshan was charged
                              -raping a 36 year old ladyliving in the same hotel.Was he a saudi too.!
                              I have saudi friends-girls and boys.abd you know what- they are as good as the pak youth or we can say as bad as pak youth.
                              Everything is same everywhere.It is not the people which are bad It is the system and the laws which bring the evil out of us.
                              The reaason for all this is our leaving the religion behind.Not only the Muslims even the christians and jews are facing the same problems on much larger scale.cuz they too forgot their values.
                              About the indians being inducted in the saudi structure: Many pakistani workers are caught eveyyear involved in some illegal business so they don't like pakis anymore.
                              Moreover pakis are termed as Mukh maafi
                              a termed used for sick people(mentally sick)
                              people who are out of their mind.Because we r joshilaass and cuz of this everytime there is fight a paki is involved in it.( A pakistani guy killed a bengali in a restaurant when pakistan lost to bangladesh in world cup.)While the indians are very shrewd people.They seldom get involved in fights.They are very submissive and are willing to do what their boss tells them to do.
                              This is a world of technology and a word of nafsa nafsii.None talks to you if you are not able to do any good to them.Every country has its own problems,economy and trade issues which can't be put in danger just on the relationship of brotherhood.
                              If someone is not looking at us it is our fault that we didnt project ourselves good enough.If indians have built themselves so they desrve the reward.What we pakistanis have achieved?! WE should think on that!
                              If someone is overlooking us we should work on the cause.Every country make relation on priority basis with such countries which can trade and business with them effectivly.
                              But even then the help and assistance Saudia and other muslim countries provide us is great. Saudia and Indonesia helpes pakistan a lot during the war of 65.
                              So guys what I am trying to say is that saudis ae not as bad as you are trying to project.It is us who should work on our weakness and try to sort out the problems.
                              Sorry for the message has become very long but it was important.