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A Moron Exposed, memebers and ADMIN take Notice

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    A Moron Exposed, memebers and ADMIN take Notice

    All the members and the Admins please read the follwong two posts with two different names being used and tell me what you see..?? The first msg was posted under the " General " the Topic is " Pakistan, The experiment that failed " The 2nd post was posted by the same person under a different name Under the Topic " corrections...not questions....Mr.Taj " (in "General" Category ) Read the other posts under the same topic by the same moron as well.
    Post #1

    posted 06-28-98 08:28 AM CT (US)
    take it easy khan
    cool down i am just a bit too aggressive proba;ly that's all

    Post #2

    posted 06-26-98 01:08 PM CT (US)

    Muzna-G, can u please Edit this as well, too Bloody long.
    CONCLUSION : KKNiazi= Shezi = The imposter on the old gupshup BB.
    All I have to say to you KKNizai or Shezi who ever you are , you are a sick *******, with multiple personalities and probably an escapee from a mental hospital who needs help.

    To the Admin

    I think this discovery also solves the mistery of the annonimous on the old gupshup BB. The annonimous who used to use different people's names to expose his family and his family background by cussing, and using vouglar langauges on the old gupshup BB.

    Damn.... I am Gooooooooood. My job for a short time as a police officer is paying off.

    Cheers for me


    [This message has been edited by J M Khan.]

    WARNING Mr. Khan
    You may use this forum to express your feelings but not others. We have deleted your postings in CURRENT AFFAIRS. Please exercise caution.


      Dear Mr. Khan,
      Don't get excited you haven't discovered the world yet. the post #1 was probably made by shezi and I conveyed my annoyance to Shezi. Post no.2 was made by me (KKNIAZI) and its got nothing to do with you.
      So better mind your own butt. and don't poke your nose in others matter, wud u?

      At the moment you are jumping like a kid, who has just learned how to wipe his ass.

      Unfortunately, I never abled to represent my family 'cause I'm a hopeless character. I'm proud of my family but they are not proud of me cause I havent done anything for them but after going thru your posting, atleast they 'll have a sigh of relief that there are worst then me. Atleast I don't raise fingers on others.


        KKNiazi , you are a confused, frustrated, and sick individual. You don't have the balls to be yourself so invented Shezi. My claim was not just based on the fact that you signed your name while loged on as shezi. Any body who read " Shezi's " and your posts can tell its you. The language, the words, the style everything points to you. Recalling your stupid posts from the old BB and shezi's posts on the new BB unmistakenly points to the same sick mind. As far I am concerned, you can go to hell.


          Alright guys . . .

          I hope you realize that nothing worthwhile is being accomplished through this exchange.

          Call it quits --- now.

          Thank you


            Dear J.M.,
            I don't wanna start a new "Pungaa" but Just to tell you that this forum is a meagre thing, I even have the balls to stand the world.
            What you are doing is Assuming things and "ASSUMPTIONS is the mother of **** UPS".

            Go to Hell- I have no plans to come over to your place.

            If you are assuming (again) that I'm running away than yeah I'm, feel comfortable.
            (sorry Muzna, aakhree duffaa)


              Knock it off, both of ya? You guys are even worst than I am. I never fight like this with my worst enemy. Dont you think the war of words is getting out of hands.