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Sindh raises transport fares (second increase within two years )

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    Sindh raises transport fares (second increase within two years )

    The Sindh government has decided to increase the transport fares in the province in view of a recent increase in fuel prices.

    It would be the second increase in fares as proposed by the government within two years and under the revised structure, the fare rate of coaches would be increased from Rs 7 to Rs 8 and for mini-buses from Rs 4 to Rs 6 on urban routes. A minimum fare of Rs 3 will be charged by the buses for an intermediary stop between the routes of a particular bus. Earlier, the buses had been charging a fare of Rs 2.50 for a journey up to five kilometer.

    The increase, the transport department said, would be subject to conditions that the transporters shall ensure to replace the old smoke emitting vehicles and make their vehicles environment friendly and avoid overloading of passengers. It said whenever the prices of POL are lowered, there will be proportionate reduction in the fare rates.

    A similar condition was put forth by the department while increasing the fares previously. But the transporters in Karachi did not fulfil the requirement and old and rickety buses are still plying on different city routes. Yet another proposal was that the coach operators would fix air-conditioners and improve the conditions of their vehicles but this was also not done.

    A notification issued here on Saturday by the provincial labor and transport department, said it had been decided to refix the fares of buses, mini-buses and coaches following presentations made by different transport associations.The department said keeping in view the relevant factors, like operational cost of transport, cost of living, conditions of roads and traffic, it is expedient to refix/review the minimum fare rates of stage carriages and contract carriages and other vehicles.

    The increase has been proposed following consultations with the provincial and regional transport authorities as required under Sub-Section (i) of Sec-45 of the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance-1965.

    The Sindh government handout said: "The Sindh Labour and Transport department in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (i) of section 45 of the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance-1965 and in suppression of all previous notifications issued in that behalf has proposed to refix the following minimum/maximum rates for stage carriages and other vehicles plying on inter-city/urban routes in the province."

    The proposed revised fares for buses, mini-buses and coaches would be as follows:


    Buses (urban routes):

    Up to 5 kms Rs.3.00

    Up to 10 kms Rs.4.50 Above 10 kms ---

    Up to 15 kms Rs.5.00

    (Proposed new stage)

    Above 15 Kms Rs.5.50 Above 15 Kms

    (Proposed new stage )

    Students 50% of normal fare

    Mini Buses

    Upto 5 kms Rs.4.00

    Upto 10 Kms Rs.5.00 (Proposed new stage)

    Upto 15 Kms Rs.6.00 Above 15 Kms Rs.6.50


    Upto 10 Kms Rs.7.00 Above 10 Kms Rs. 8.00


    Balck/Yellow Rs. 6.00 Yellow Cab up to 800 cc Rs.. 7.00 Above 800 cc Rs.8.00

    RICKSHAWS Rs 5.00


    Metalled Roads Rs.5.00 Buses (50 and above seats ) Ps 30 per km Katcha roads Buses (50 and above seats) Ps 32 per Km AC coaches Ps 60 per Km Mini-buses (26-29 Seats) PSs 30 Per Km (Metalled) Mini-buses (13-18 Seats) Ps 30 Per Km (Metalled) Stage-cum-public carriers (desert) Ps 45 Per Km


    It means if a Labour( earning hardly Rs. 150/day(conditional??) reaches at work after changing 3 busses, it means he has alrady spent atleast atleast Rs. (3*3)-->9+9= Rs. 18/- return, which is by the cheapest fare Rs. 3/-

    Tell me how can a amn survive ????????

    Open question for all!