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Life being an IT professional

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    Life being an IT professional

    Not very long ago when life was so simple. You go to work, spend your 8 hours and come back home and relax. No pagers, no cell phones, no on-calls. You practically left WORK @ work.

    Now, everything has changed. My time after work is not my time any more. Pager, cell phone, laptop, and the horror of getting paged in the middle of the night has now become part of ME.

    I understand the importance of technology and really like being part of it but sometimes I get really pissed and think about all those good days.

    Is there going to be an end to this?
    I don't think so... Once its on...its on.

    See that's exactly why I never bought a cell or beeper... That freakin' laptop is still a nuisance but can't do anything about it. I get so many freakin' unrelated, organization-wide e-mails that sometime I really get pissed off.

    I just happy to give out my voice mail to people and check it every other day. Works for me.


      I am glad that I am not a techie. my poor cousin gets paged in the middle of the night and has to log in from home to fix any errors.

      I am glad that I am in IT consulting but in strategy rather than development or implementation side. No such headaches.

      I feel your pain bro, I had to put in crazy hours when I worked in securities trading and no way I want to go back to that. Trading with European, american and asian banks...and since we were exempt overtime baby...

      So if you had work and u had to put in 15-16 hrs, its okay, u are a professinal u are responsible for your portfolio and trades etc, but when we did not have work and u want to bail way...u are required to be at work until 5:30. Lamest job I ever had.

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      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        being a primary school teacher - I see the limitation and advantages - my class love all ICT and it is government regulation to keep up with it in terms of progress - but I really feel too much relaince is unhealthy,socailly.
        Imran, there will not be an end to this - soon we will all be bionic people - can't wait(Sarcasm)


          One other problem is the fact that your relatives all want your help in installing the most basic components/software on their machines!