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save $ on ur grocery bill

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    save $ on ur grocery bill

    u select products u want on line.... and chose a price u want. say u buy milk for $3.00 at the store.... on the website u pick ur own price and what you think is reasonable for this product say $1.50. u repeat the procedure for all the products u want. after u r done with the list of groceries.... the website processes ur order and tells u which prices it can offer you. if it can not get u a price u entered... u enter something higher. u pay for all the groceries on the web to priceline which in turn credits the money to the ur account. u go to the grocery store pick up all ur groceries and pay using ur priceline card. ppl have saved as much as 30-50% on their grocery bills.

    there is no catch to it. grocery stores make more money by attracting customers who like spending on the web. there are many well known stores that offer this service like lowes, giant, kohls and its available all around u.s.

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