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The judgement game

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    The judgement game

    I have heard many people talk about judging others on the net. Different opinions, different views. One of the things I have read/heard about is not to judge somebody on the net, based on what the write as a lot of people put on these fake personalities, or behave different compared to real on the net.

    I myself have preached and proclaimed similiar sort of philisophy to many, even in a manner of rightful pride. I have this tendency of siding and basing my personal credence only on statistical/scientific findings or hypotheses (Don't take me wrong, I won't miss a chance to carry due share of humanly paraniod superstitious and baseless believes under my belt )

    (BTW, I just hit the submit topic button by mistake so some of you might see a completely 'sar na pair' post )

    But let's be realistic, you can't help it. Over the past year and half, I have seen quite few personalities and posts over the net, and it kinda develops in you that you start knowing the person, even to the judgement point. You just can't help it.

    I have no problem in saying that I have judged a few people on the net based on my interaction with them, or some of the material they posted. I thought about it, and tried to justified it and come to the realization that it does not need to be justified. It is just how it is. Good or bad, that's how it is.

    But does it also mean that next time I judge somebody, I should take it lightly? What do you think are the limits and lines? Is there a concept 'net objectivity'?

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    ...and the point is???

    Roman go to've been up to long.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      God, man you are too quick... you don't wait just in case if somebody clicked the mouse by mistake, do you?


        And don't mind me, I'm going through a poor grammatical phase of life these days.


          Well Roman you're posting very interesting topics these days!

          I think it's only too human a tendency to try and "pigeon hole" a person, give them a definition, or what you may. It happens on the net just as much as anywhere else. In so doing you are obliged to look from your own vantage point... and bingo! thus you make a judgement!

          But there are many types of judgements-- they vary from saying: "That chap is crazy" or "I hate him" to "I get the feeling you are unhappy about something" or "I think that person is angry" etc...

          You asked:
          But does it also mean that next time I judge somebody, I should take it lightly? What do you think are the limits and lines? Is there a concept 'net objectivity'?

          It depends on how 'serious' your judgement is, and how seriously you take yourself!
          My first suggestion would be to take yourself less seriously.
          I think it is no easier to be objective on the net than anywhere else. If you take things personally in real life then you will do so here as well. If you tend to be detatched and objective in real life then it is easier to be that way on the net as well.

          I reckon the net is somewhere where you can learn more about yourself by thinking about your reactions to others and others' reactions to you. You can also get the chance to watch how other people react to each other.

          You can also use it to study human nature. You can use it for fun and entertainment And you can use it to do a great deal of good.

          Making judgements, albeit often unconsciously, is part of all these things. It's not a sin to judge, but just make sure you add a bit of human fallibility into the mix!



            I don't think human beings can avoid judging people. When you have interacted with someone, you start to associate that person with those interactions. You mind starts to try to make sense of the things that the person does/says and to see a pattern of ideas and attitudes. I don't think you can help that. Then whenever you think of that person, you remember the pattern that you associate with that person. Am I making any sense here?

            Maybe what you can try to do is, rather than trying to avoid coming to conclusions about a person (which is impossible), try to avoid deciding that opinions other than your own are wrong. Opinions are just a matter of perspective and not a matter of fact.



              Thanks Shirin and Zara for the reassurance, I think I kinda lost my train of thought when I clicked the button by mistake. I know I was going to say something less pointless

              When I said judgement, I meant judgement in a bad way, even without any obvious reasons. As a matter of fact, the reason I thought of writting this came to my mind last night when I was browsing through gupshup and read couple of posts by this particular member. No obscenity, no indecency, and the arguments that member presented could also be justified but it was the pattern of that member's posts over a certain period of time that made me realized that I can't take that member's opinions on face value anymore, even if they can be justifiable or logical.

              And that's the kind of point I was trying to make when I bragged about my statistical/scientific beliefs crap. I have always believed that an argument/opinion from somebody on a topic is an isolated piece of stance and should be viewed as detached from the originator's personality on the net since you don't really know the person. If the argument is logical, justfiable then why not? And my vile judgement of that member does not seem to be reasonable and just at all if what that member is saying is logical and valid.

              Did I leave anybody even more confused?


                Interesting thoughts Shirin, Zaratif and Roman.

                Like someone said we do make judgements based on our past interections with others. Its like a first impression. If you meet someone on the wrong step it becomes a challenge to clarify things because the ball goes in other person's court...and not every person knows the game.

                In my case ;-) I find this BoSS character very interesting...I've got my own judgements about him...If I meet him in real life we might end up in a boxing ring. Well, I think we should give people a benifit of the doubt in real life and especially on the net...I would label things with certain characteristics but I would be careful with a similar approach when it comes to people cuz there r nuts out there like me who have to be stable themselves first before intelligent people form opinions about them. ;-)