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Had a bad day.....

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    Had a bad day.....

    here goes!

    Had a really bad day and am trying to go to sleep, only to find that I may have developed another bad habbit, that is, to ponder on day's events.

    Only to find that now I am having an even worse night than I had a day........

    I think I need help.

    Anyone know an insomniac ?

    tips please !!!!!!

    read my physics book. bet u anything it works!



      It might.

      I'll try it

      It might fair better than this TCP/IP book I was reading (and TRYING TO MAKE sense of, I don't think I am getting far though )

      Are you a fellow insomniac or just in a completely different time zone ?


        different time zone i suppose...going to bed at 9:30 pm only happened when i was 6 months old i guess...

        u can hardly call me an insomniac though...i grow in and out of my insomnia...but i hardly got time to sleep now..

        tcp/ip....yikes! booring!




          Those days, when I was just born, when all I had to do was sleep.

          Then after about 2 months, my job description changed and my work load expanded exponentially.
          Crying, eating,drinking, moving, smiling, opening my eyes, looking cute for the grannies and trying to make sense out of all their gobaleegook languages.....everything.

          Well, it was bliss till it lasted.

          I was OK at school too. When the lights were shut I was the first to go into a deep slumber( to the amazement of others in teh dorm) and the last to wake up, (much to the annoyance of my instructor )

          However, for the past few years, sleeping has become a chore.
          I think I have read more books in the last three years than I had in the rest of my life

          Anyway, if boring computer books won't put me to sleep ....what will ?

          Its almost 4 am here and I have to be at work in 4 hours. I guess it will be another 24 hour haul

          They say there is no rest for the wicked.

          I must be the devil personified


            I hate those nights..when your mind is racing at 100 thoughts/ have to be at work early in the morning and still can't get no rest..
            Sometimes listening to smooth jazz helps me drift into a sleep mode..


              Help me with my tax papers. I have to be ready on april 1st. (no joke)
              Bet you'll sleep like a baby



                I thought yesterday was bad, phew!

                Today was just a nightmare. Maybe I am going for the record for "longest Run of bad days", can't tell, early days yet !

                I need a break. A few days climbing would do the trick.....well, maybe this winter (hoping yet again, its becoming a habit of sorts.

                Anyway, I am at it again, trying to sleep, but this time I am really tired so I might soon nod off. Inshahallah (well, I can hope can't I )

                By the way, if its UK Tax law, send me the details, I'll have it ready by the first

                Jazz, now there is a thought, I have just put a Sade CD on, OK I know that is not much jazz, but its the closest thing I have.

                Thanks people.


                  Have Jessy Cook's soft jazz CD, you gonna like it I bat


                  Live from Aalam-e-Baala


                    I'll get it today, thanks.


                      And I'm about to have a bad night - welcome to the jungle


                        Did anyone say, CLIMBING.. yahoo, I was actually up on Squamish's Chaekamus-Chief yesterday..bouldering, flexing muscles, checking out some new routes I'ld like to climb over the summer..
                        Hey Saeed , my invitation to you..if you ever happen to be in BC, would like to climb with you...after all BC is a climber's paradise.

                        [This message has been edited by outlaw (edited March 27, 2000).]



                          I will be coming to Ft St John in July-Aug.

                          Maybe then ?

                          We are always happy to have guests round, it would be a pleasure.

                          P.S: Don't forget to pack your gear


                            I am thrilled to hear that mannn
                            It sure will be my great pleasure to climb and explore the mountains with you..I just live for this stuff...anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
                            I am also ecstatic to know that there's another mountaineer on this forum




                              Till summer then !

                              Khudai pa amaan