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    URGENT Dilema

    As some of you may know, Muzna's mother is critically ill in hospital and she has gone to be by her bedside. PLease pray for her.
    The prognosis is not good at present and the doctors are asking wether she should be resussitated if she slips away.

    This has got me thinking to no-end. What is the ruling on this in Islam?
    If we have the technology to prolong life, are we not forced to use every possible measure to this end?

    Or are we allowed to consider the feelings, pain, and wishes of the patient?

    Please help!

    my praryers go out to Muzna's Mom, Allah unko juld theek kurray .. Ameen.


      Please convey to Muzna that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

      One of my parents being sick too, all I have to say is, may Allah give us the patience to face what is but "Reality"....


        I dont know what the ruling is by religion but I think her mother's wishes should be the #1 factor if she is able to make decisions right now.

        Please pass on my prior message to Muzna.

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Anokha sahib, it very sad to hear that. I did notice Muzna's absence here for few days but did not know the reason.

          You guys will be in my prayers and hopefully God won't test you to the extreme and she will be allright. Take care.



            I so deeply sorry to hear that, Anokha. I hope for the best for her. I know how devastating it can be.

            I am not sure of what Islam says on this but I would express my personal thoughts on the matter in a very general manner.

            I'm in sort of a hurry but few thoughts come to mind.

            Any sort of resuscitation that invloves restoring or keeping up the life clinically or biologically, without human conscious and physical awareness of the mind, in my opinion is not a viable choice. Unless there is valid and viable hope and/or chances of partial or complete health recovery later on.

            I am sorry, I may seem heartless on what I said above but I think an unconscious, clinical life (without any hopes of recovery) is worst than death itself. It's a matter of constant grief for the relatives to see the patient in such a condition. With death, you at least one knows for certain and can remeber and pray...

            Secondly, we don't know what exactly is going through patient's conscious or unconscious. We don't know if the patient is beyond the bounderies of pain and suffering or not. We can't be sure of it by means. Is it really worth it to take the chance, by simply making the assumption that patient is not in pain or is not suffering?

            I think it's not a matter of your love for her or how you can't possibly lett her go if there is anything in your power to keep her 'alive', but rather what's best of her in the given situation.

            Again, I am extremely sorry if I went overboard by any means or sounded cruel to you, it was absolutely my objective point of view without any lack of empathy.

            Please convey my deepest sympathy to Muzna on such a catestrophe she and her family is going through. I wish for the best.



              they say 'mout ka ek din mukarar hay'. No matter what one does, it will come when its scheduled. However, Allah has given us humans the ability to look after ourselves and do whatever to stay healthy and live longer. But then there are times when no hope exists and only a miracle can save a person. And we have seen miracles happening.

              May Allah make this and the next life easier for Muzna's mom and for all of Muslims. Amen.



                though I am not suppose to show up here,

                but this is more serious, My prayers are for Muzna's mother, May Allah make every thing all right, and give her relief in illness aamin,
                Azkar Bhai is right!

                it is shocking news!

                Also pray goes to Dehatan's parent!

                May Allah bless every body, aamin.
                aur -- Tum ...
                Gari aur bivi aisi honi chahyay kay banda saath khara ho to apni lagay


                  Thank you all for your prays and wishes.
         are not stepping out of is precisely the reason why I had posted the thread to begin solicit different opinions on the subject.

                  Having obtained Muzna's permission to air her thoughts here....the following is also troubling her:

                  as the primary care-giver at her mum's bedside (apart from docs and nurses), the decision of 'yes' or 'no' falls solely on her shoulders. What if in a state of coma, her mum CAN still hear what is going on around her? What if the last thing her mum hears is her only daughter allowing her to die?
                  She is not brain-dead or paralyzed(?) but just aged.

                  The doctors said there is nothing more they can do for her...that was over a week ago, and Mashallah, my mother-in-law is still with us.
                  I guess I'm one of a selfish type of person, who would rather keep someone alive at all costs until I'M ready to deal with the situation. When it is a close relative, one looses all rhyme and reasoning, and behaves irrationally. I guess I'm one of them.
                  Further thoughts?



                    I will agree with you AnokhaUK, i am one of those people who will
                    not give up till it's over, specially if it's a loved one. And I
                    dont think it's being Selfish, cuz you never know what could happen,
                    Only allah knows and if Allah wants her to live, she will live.(inshallah)

                    All you and we can do is PRAY !!!


                      Salamz Anokha sahib, Its one of those situations when no matter what one decides it looks wrong.

                      You asked:
                      If we have the technology to prolong life, are we not forced to use every possible measure to this end?
                      No we r not forced if its going to deteriorate patient's condition or prolong patient's misery.
                      Regardless of the fact whether the patient is conscious or not, could you imagine what must be going through her mind.
                      I believe that we should not be interefering in nature's business just to make ourselves feel better.

                      I wish I was a doc instead of an engineer but If there is anything I can do, u know I'm just a phone call away.



                        In 1989 I was standing alongside of my mother's bed in a hospital in Lahore. She was diagnosed with cancer and was completely unconscious for past few days.

                        I can never forget that sight. Her face was pale and ill. She was breathing uncomfortably and every breath sounded like a struggle. There was a noticeable pause between her inhaling and exhaling the air. Somehow, I started counting her breaths.

                        The first breath was weak. The next one was even more... but she made it. Then she took the third one and for a moment I thought it will never come out. But she made it again. Finally, she took the fourth one, and the sound this time was even more unusual and irregular. I waited, standing there for ages to hear her exhale. But it was lost somewhere in there. She never took the fifth breath.

                        In past 10 years I have spent endless nights crying, trying not to hear those breaths but they just linger on. They won't go away.

                        If there is a God and He asks me if I can go back in time and do anything in the world to have her take that fifth breath, I would die before I would take even a single moment to say 'Yes'. But will my answer be the same after 6 months or a year if somehow my mother could be resuscitated that long... unconscious and without any hopes of healthy recovery? I don't know, I simply don't know. Why? Because I don't have the courage to say 'Yes'.

                        If you believe in God then you have to believe in what comes with it as well. Hope for a miracle is one thing, but it's not the only thing. I am sure you know what the other thing is.

                        I guess the point of this whole thing is that you can never think of making such a decision at this point, but will you also be able to make the same decision one year from now?

                        Yes, wait for the miracle, but don't wait for it forever.

                        It is not only the death you should be worried about. I want you to see the picture from all angles. I hope for the best.


                          I am so very sorry to hear about Muzna's mum's situation. Please let her know that our prayers and thoughts stand with her and her family at this critical time. Also very sorry to hear 'bout Roman's mum. May Allah rest her soul in peace and give her the best place in Jannah Amen.

                          As far as the question of ressusitation is concerned, should the patient start slipping away (Allah na karay), then from a Islamic point of view yes one should try all the way until otherwise they loose the patient. Cause from the Islamic point of view relatives of an ill one should not give up hope of life until otherwise Allah decides to end the life. Therefore, please keep on trying till your mother in law recovers or jo Allah ko manzoor ho.
                          Allah un ko jald sehat yaab karay amen.


                            Allah sehat day .. or imtehaan ki mushkilon say bachay rakhay. (amin)


                     sorry to hear about your mum...I had no idea. I can't even begin to imagine what u must have gone through or are still going through. May Allah grant her a place in Jannath!

                              BoSS.....If u can make the time please go and see Muzna...her mum's in Credit Valley Hospital....Muz should be there most of the time...else call her at home. She could really do with a friendly shoulder right now.
                              I'll see u in Toronto this weekend.

                              It's so apparent that it is better to share your problems with others as u then find out you r not many of us have issues and pain hidden deep within ourselves with the assumption that no-one else will understand.....I for one am deeply moved by Roman's account of his mother's's really brought it home to me. May Allah give him strength and patience, Amen!