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What would you to do if ........???

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    What would you to do if ........???

    What would you do if there is no solution of a problem....???


    If u are mathematician, u prove solution does not exist and u are done.


      hmmm... sit on ur ass and take tasbeeh in ur hands and keep reading allah allah. Some one might feel pitty on u and you will eventually get some help.


        Gizzy, every problem in this world has a solution. It's only the matter of thinking and finding it. Always remember 10% is what happens to us and 90% is how we react to it.


          Let's hear the problem first.


            Take it the other way around, every solution is preceded by a problem. Nothing is impossible.

            Ek siyaney ki kahawat (or rather observation) hai: the more you want to soar higher, resistance encountered will increase exponentially. You'll have to apply a greater force to overcome it.

            This is what formed the basis of the Theory of Flight and is (putting it simply) exactly how a plane increases its altitude...

            ...and eventually takes off.


              Well, What if the problem is a human...??? And it is.. It is a guy.. and extremely stubborn... Doesn't seem to understand.. keeps saying the same thing again and again and again...

              Someone dear to me want's him to do something, when I talk to him he say's .. OK. I will do. But when he goes back to the person he starts saying the same again...

              I don't know what to do.. ?

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                hey guyz,

                wo problem hi kya jis ka solution ho!!!!
                If one has a solution to something then its not a problem.
                What do you say about it?



                  I'm not sure if this will help, but, lets see.

                  Everyone has their beliefs.
                  Given a situation, do what you think is right.

                  Leave the rest to Allah.

                  In the mean while, find something else to worry about !!!

                  I do