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Emotional Blackmailing

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    Emotional Blackmailing

    Sometimes ago, I was having this discussion with my friend about our family values. He concluded the discussion with the sentence that these values are based on "Emotional Blackmailing".

    When I insisted to elaborate it further, he gave me some examples of... How the parents got their wills fulfilled by emotionally blackmailing their children as in case of forced marriages? ... How the children uses their parents love & affection to get what they wanted? and etc...

    Although this discussion occured few years ago but I still think about it and honestly speaking couldn't find myself disagree with it completely?

    Any comments/thoughts?

    Dear Fusaichi Pegasus,

    Let me first say to you that I am “betting” on you (you are my second favorite in the coming Kentucky Derby, “first is Mighty”). The other day I hit a Trifecta at the Meadowlands ($ 6200).

    Back to the topic, yes I agree with you, the concept of emotional blackmail is very tumultuous and very alive in our society. Not just among parents/kids, but also between friends, couples, and even kids. It is like a bribe, but only with “emotional” value attached to it. If you don’t do this, I won’t “love” you.

    The best thing a receiver can do it to show the middle finger to the giver. That’s the only way to deal with such blackmailing. I know it is hard when the receivers are much too young and the givers much too old. But the payback can always be done when the receiver gets old.


      Dear NYAhmadi,

      I'm glad that somebody is is here to recognize where I adopted my name from. Being an avid fan of HR, the greatest sport of all, I wish you the best at Kentucky Derby. And if you see Fusaichi Pegasus running there, DON'T miss him just because of only one reason: Trainer Neil Drysdale means business whenever he run his horses. He's not obsessed by Kentucky Derby like most of the other trainers.

      A.P. Indy ? Does it sound familiar?

      BTW - Who're you gonna bet on tomorrow's Dubai World Cup?


        F P Yar, I am a small time player. I love the track but mostly follow the local races. I also go to Saratoga once in a while, mainly with my buddies. But I do try to keep up with all the races.

        For tomorrow Dubai, I picked Scarlet Gombo and Bravo Bull. I usually don’t bet more than 20 bucks. I do it more for fun than for anything else. I do love the sport. I have been handicapping since I was 10. My uncle owned horses that ran in the Lahore Race Course (which no longer exists).

        What’s your pick for tomorrow?


          I think Dubai Millenium is the one to beat. From North America I like Ecton Park & Behrens.

          Let cross our fingers & see what happens.


            Nice discussion