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The Evolution of The Forum

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    The Evolution of The Forum

    It is in great pleasure I share with you my satisfaction, with this forum.
    The General forum under the excellent leadership of Miss Muzna has evolved in to a civil mechanism of discussion.Miss Muzna has drawn the line between indecency and free expression. She has done so with patience and brilliant judgement.
    There are some who believe that the intent of my expression is to provoke harsh reactions. Others have said I may " win " if the others are abusive. There are no victories in an abusive environment.
    The Forum has survived , and remains defiantly diverse.
    Mr JM Khan a free thinker, Miss Muzna a rationalist, Daisee Behna with deep thoughts and so many others with sincere intent are the intellectual cream of our society.
    This forum is living proof that we are not done yet. A way we will find, compassion will be restored , our great civilization will survive.