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    I know it's too late to say Eid Mubarak and I am sure everbody here enjoyed the Eid. We went to Syracuse for Eid and offered both Eid prayer and Juma Prayer and had no problem. We did not need any Police or Military protection to offer prayer peacefully, we were not affraid of any militant coming in and killing us. But, when I called Pakistan, they told me that they had either Military of Police protection so can offer Eid and can go home alive after the prayer. All the Mosque were under Police protection. This happened in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, The country where 90% population is muslim and you still can not offer prayer with out Police Protection, I don't care who you are but you should be able to offer atleast Eid prayer without any fear. We are doing Jehads against all the enemies of Islam but nobody is doing anything about this enemy. I thing we need to start from our home and clean it first. We need to do the jehad against these peoples who are making our places of worship place of WAR. I thought in Islam if you are in Mosque you are proctected and you are in peace but I guess not anymore.

    John Yar, yes it is so sad that this is happening in our country. I think the situation is only going to get worse unless we get our act together. These murderer monsters (aka Jihadis) will do anything to kill people. They are sick psychopaths. They only use “religion” as an excuse for their mental sickness and their need to be violent. Even if we lived in a total peace, these deranged fanatics will still kill innocent people.

    The only way to deal with such a helpless situation is to “educate” people. These monsters play on the fears of the ignorant.

    Education is our only survival.



      Its not at all surprising.

      This is the country who is at the verge of breakdown.

      The way Islam has been molested and manipulated in this country, there's no other example.

      Everything is jihad there. It is jihad if you make love to your wife, it is jihad if you go to restroom and is is jihad if you kill a person who belong to other faith.


        johnd, where was this in Pakistan?