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India, Pakistan and the Bomb

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    India, Pakistan and the Bomb

    Has anybody seen last night's ABC documentary "India, Pakistan, and the Bomb".

    I've got to agree that these two nations are completely incapable of carrying nuclear weapons. Their fanaticism about waging a war, which sure will turn into nuclear conflict, has put millions of lives at stake.

    Although this issue has been discussed quite frequently but in light of Clinton's visit to South Asia and the military coup in Pakistan has again put the possiblilty of nuclear war on top of the world agenda.

    If anyone has seen this documentary, you can tell how stupid, irresponsible, and fanatic the politician of both the countries are. They've talked about using nuclear weapons as if they're talking about shopping at the mall.

    Yes, I watched it last night. I think Peter Jennings, as usual, has done a pretty decent job. I agree with you that politicians on both sides were fairly nonchalant about the possibility of a nuclear war. The Academics were a bit more realistic and fearful about the prospect of nuclear confrontation.

    You should post this topic in politics.

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      ....and that would be in stark contrast to reponsible countries like US and the former USSR who never threatened anyone with nukes, did not engage in an arms race, did not have DoomsDay plans, did not have their missiles pointed at each other and each other's allies.

      Some country's leader banged his shoe on a podium at the UN and threatened that another one would be left buried in dust...I dont recal him being indian or pakistani.

      What was it Cuban missiles crises or Colombo missiles crises...catch the drift?

      Right then...

      so what were you saying?
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Now Maleeha Lodhi is gonna be pissed because they showed Mushahid Hussain more than they showed her.